Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers in Rosenberg, Texas

Rosenberg’s geographic location in Texas, which is close to the border of Mexico, provides it with more drug threats than many other states in the nation. While methamphetamine the number one controlled substances linked to drug deaths in the area, there have also been increases in the abuse of cocaine and black tar heroin, causing an increase in overdoses. Fortunately, there are rehab centers in the region to battle addiction.

Rehab Centers In Rosenberg, Texas

The top treatment center in Rosenberg helps by providing comprehensive programs to help patients not only manage their addiction, but also maintain positive thinking and healthy habits for long-term recovery.

Fort Bend Regional Council On Substance Abuse

Fort Bend Regional Council has been in operation for several decades. The facility in Rosenberg provides multiple substance abuse counselors to assist each person with their own unique needs. While the center focuses mostly on prevention efforts, outpatient counseling is also available. 

Turning Point Home

Turning Point Home focuses on client-centered treatment in a relaxing and stress-free environment. The center offers both residential and outpatient treatment programs along with substance abuse intervention. The staff is trained to understand the unique needs of each client as well as their triggers and what support they will need after treatment.

Rehab Centers Near Rosenberg, Texas

There are also multiple rehab facilities closely located to Rosenberg in the greater Houston area.

Into Action Recovery Center, Houston, Texas

Into Action Recovery Center focuses on providing their clients with inner peace and the tools needed to continue recovery after the program. The center offers a number of programs including 12-steps, onsite medical detox, family therapy, an alumni program, and customized residential or outpatient treatment. The center also offers recovery programs to help patients maintain recovery.

Taylor Recovery Center, Houston, Texas

The Taylor Recovery Center was designed to help those who need to begin alcohol or drug recovery as well as those who may need help maintaining it. The facility has both private and semi-private rooms in their sober living facility and provides outpatient services such as one-on-one and family counseling.

The Right Step Treatment Center, Houston, Texas

The Right Step Treatment Center has multiple locations throughout the state with one located in the Houston area. They offer both inpatient and outpatient treatment and provide continuing aftercare programs. For those returning to treatment, the center provides a specialized and intensive chronic relapse intervention program.

Substance Abuse In Rosenberg & Fort Bend County

In the last decade, Fort Bend County has seen an increase in substance use in both adults and children. The area mostly struggles with addiction to methamphetamines and cocaine, though there have been recent increases in opioid-related overdoses. The Fort Bend County Health Department has released the following statistics:

  • 46% of all Fort Bend County high school students reported using alcohol with most starting at age 13.

  • 26% of Fort Bend County high school students reported using marijuana.

  • 11.3% of females and 21.9% of males routinely binge drink in the county.

  • 11.8% of the county population was reported to use illegal drugs.

Traveling For the Best Program

It’s important when choosing the best treatment program to find a facility that has the services and amenities to meet the patient's specific needs. This can mean that traveling to a location outside of Rosenberg may provide the best chances for recovery. For those needing help finding treatment in Texas, contact today. 

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