3 Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers in Port Arthur, Texas

Port Arthur is a moderately sized community of about 54,000 people and is roughly 90 miles outside of Houston. Located on the waterfront, the port here has long been an important factor in the region’s economy. Yet, many of those who live here face the risk of substance abuse. There are some nearby treatment centers available to address addiction.

Rehab Centers In Port Arthur, Texas

For those seeking support in the city, there are at least two rehab centers with the city limits of Port Arthur: Best Recovery Healthcare and Spindletop Center.

Best Recovery Healthcare

A comprehensive facility, Best Recovery Healthcare focuses on providing motivational and supportive care to adults and teens in the area. It offers outpatient counseling for patients suffering from a wide range of substance abuse concerns. Founded in 1988, this organization also uses methadone treatment to help with opioid dependence or addiction.

Spindletop Center

Spindletop Center’s programs aim to create healthy living. It does this through a series of services. The location offers both residential and outpatient intensive treatment programs. It also offers aftercare services, relapse prevention, educational programs, and group therapy. It has served the community for more than 39 years.

Rehab Centers Near Port Arthur, Texas

As a smaller community, Port Arthur does not have a large number of facilities to provide care for substance use disorders. However, there are several rehab centers in nearby communities like Beaumont, Baytown, or other areas near Houston.

Southeast Texas Council On Alcohol And Drug Abuse, Beaumont, Texas

With over 50 years of local experience, this nonprofit organization offers educational and treatment services to individuals and their families. It offers intensive residential treatment for adult men, an outpatient program, and educational programs throughout the community. This organization offers alcohol-specific care, but also aids in drug abuse recovery.

Land Manor, Beaumont, Texas

Land Manor is a nonprofit organization providing chemical dependency treatment services. It works closely with individuals who need HIV testing as well. A private program in a modern setting, this location focuses on providing patients with intensive care. It offers three residential and outpatient prevention programs. 

Memorial Hermann Prevention And Recovery Center, Baytown, Texas

A bit further away in Baytown, Memorial Hermann Prevention and Recovery Center has over 35 years of experience. The location itself is remote, creating a natural, private setting for residents. Each patient receives customized treatment to meet their needs. As a full-service provider, this facility offers detox programs, residential treatment for up to 90 days, partial hospitalization programs, and intensive outpatient programs. 

Substance Abuse In Port Arthur And Jefferson County, Texas

Drug abuse in Port Arthur and Jefferson County is a serious health hazard in the community. Take a closer look at some statistics from the region:

  • A growing opioid epidemic in Jefferson County has led officials in the state to consider suing manufacturers within the community. Key concerns here include prescription painkillers such as oxycontin and hydrocodone, as well as heroin.

  • Drug trafficking is a significant concern in Port Arthur due to its location. Smuggling drugs over the border has led to countless deaths in the region.

Traveling For The Best Program

Individuals who may not find the ideal program for them in Port Arthur can consider traveling outside the county to other areas in Texas. Numerous treatment options are available throughout the state. For help locating the best program for you or your loved one, contact RehabCenter.net today.

**The facilities and organizations mentioned in this article are not affiliated with RehabCenter.net

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