5 Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers in Pasadena, Texas

The city of Pasadena is home to more than 141,000 residents, making it the second-largest city by population in Harris County. Pasadena is the seventeenth-largest city by population in Texas, and home to the largest volunteer fire department in the U.S. However, like many other cities, residents of Pasadena struggle with drug and alcohol abuse and addiction. 

Treatment facilities in and near Pasadena can help individuals overcome addiction and manage substance abuse long-term.

Rehab Centers In Pasadena, Texas

These facilities in Pasadena may assist individuals on the road to recovery. Either local or within a short distance from home, these drug and alcohol rehab centers offer convenient treatment solutions that may accommodate specific needs.

Bay Area Recovery Center

The Bay Area Recovery Center offers inpatient rehab programs for both men and women, as well as medically-assisted detox and outpatient programs. The facility also offers a partial day rehab program and an addiction intervention program. 

The inpatient programs here offer an array of counseling services, including faith-based counseling, group counseling, group and individual family counseling, psychotherapy, and alumni meetings for aftercare. Most insurance plans are accepted, as well as self-pay.

Teen Challenge South Texas

Teen Challenge South Texas has residential programs for both men and women. This organization also has aftercare programs that help individuals in addiction recovery transition back to the original quality of life.

Rehab Centers Near Pasadena, Texas

Memorial Herman Rehab Center

Memorial Herman Rehab Center offers both inpatient and outpatient programs for men, women, teens, and young adults. The facility also has family addiction counseling, as well as an aftercare program. There are a number of locations for their programs throughout Texas and most insurance plans are accepted.

Cheyenne Center

The Cheyenne Center is a transitional and intensive residential and outpatient treatment facility for men only. The residential program is generally 28 days in length, but the center does have an extended services program as well.

Substance Abuse In Pasadena And Houston, Texas

Pasadena is part of the greater metropolitan area as Houston, one of the largest cities in Texas which also struggles with addiction. Substance abuse is a problem which plagues all of Texas, with substance abuse and addiction rates in Pasadena and the surrounding area of Houston continuously rising since 2010:

  • Synthetic marijuana, cocaine, meth, and heroin topped the list of major drug problems in Houston in 2017.

  • Methamphetamine abuse and opioids continue to be a problem in Houston.

Traveling For The Best Program

Traveling to a different location can help individuals who continue to relapse stay strong within recovery. Being close to substance abuse triggers and having easy access to illegal substances can greatly affect a person’s success rate in recovery. 

Traveling for the best treatment program, when necessary, can be beneficial, as it allows the patient and family to heal and get on the right track to recovery. Often, the only way for the recovering individual to focus is to be removed from the environment of abuse.

Residential facilities away from homework well if the patient is willing to do the work. Being far enough away to devote all one’s energy to healing, but close enough where loved ones can visit for a time, is key.

For more information on treatment options in Pasadena, Texas and the surrounding areas that work to meet individual needs, visit RehabCenter.net today.

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