Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers in Kingwood, Texas

Located in Harris and Montgomery County, the community of Kingwood is known for its natural setting or “Livable Forest.” This community is home to over 81,000 people and overlooks the San Jacinto River. But, even this idyllic community, drug and alcohol abuse occurs. Individuals struggling with addiction need to seek out treatment options. 

Rehab Centers In Kingwood, Texas

Kingwood isn’t a very large community. Finding available drug and alcohol treatment centers can be difficult. However, there are a few options.

Kingwood Pines Hospital

Perhaps one of the most important resources to residents is Kingwood Pines Hospital. A charming, private location with 116 beds, it focuses on providing inpatient care to patients, including detox services. Immediate, 24-hour help and daytime partial hospitalization programs are also available. The extended inpatient rehab program and evening intensive outpatient program provides aggressive options for treating addiction.

WestBridge Recovery Center

WestBridge Recovery Center offers a luxury, home-like setting to maximize comfort. Designed to capture the serene surroundings, the location offers ample onsite amenities. Residential, outpatient and partial hospital programs are provided. 

Rehab Centers Near Kingwood, Texas

For those who do not find their ideal location for treatment in Kingwood, it’s possible to enter treatment centers nearby that can offer other styles of care. 

Toxicology Associates, Houston, Texas

Toxicology Associates focuses heavily on opioid addiction. It offers intense detox programs designed to jumpstart recovery. It's a private, methadone treatment facility for inpatient care. The organization also offers a methadone maintenance treatment program for those who need continued help.

Cypress Creek Hospital, Houston, Texas

With over 25 years of local experience, Cypress Creek Hospital offers a variety of addiction treatment options for teens and adults. A key component of their service is linking psychiatric care alongside traditional rehab services. Residential, outpatient, and detox programs are provided, as well as family counseling and relapse prevention services.

Cheyenne Center, Houston, Texas

Cheyenne Center designs treatment programs to meet individual needs from a mental health, spiritual health, and physical growth perspective. The location is beautiful, with a wooded campus, in-ground pool, and numerous onsite amenities. The center provides inpatient, intensive outpatient, relapse prevention, and dual diagnosis programs.

Substance Abuse In Kingwood & Montgomery & Harris Counties

Substance abuse is a growing problem in Kingwood, Montgomery County, and Texas as a whole. Here are a few key statistics:

  • About half of the top 30 high schools in Texas with the largest number of drug-related incidents were located in the Houston or Fort Bend school districts in 2016.

  • Montgomery County, which Kingwood is a part of, had the third-highest average prescription drug mortality rate in the state in 2016. It was the second-leading cause of death in the county.

Traveling For The Best Program

Individuals struggling with alcohol or drug dependency need to seek out the very best program for their needs. Though options exist in Kingwood and Harris County, many people benefit from entering programs beyond city limits. For help finding quality drug and alcohol treatment facilities in Texas, contact

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