Harlingen, Texas Substance Use Statistics And Treatment Options

Cameron County and Harlingen have a small number of issues related to drug and alcohol use. While there are some rehab centers in the county, you can find a wide-range of other options outside the county that might better suit your needs.

Substance Use Statistics In Harlingen And Cameron County, Texas

  • From 2014 to 2018, Cameron County had 32 alcohol-related driving fatalities out of 167 driving fatalities total, making up 19 percent of all driving fatalities during this time.
  • Cameron County had 46 drug overdose fatalities from 2016 to 2018.
  • Eighteen drug-related deaths occurred in the county in 2017 alone.
  • Fifteen percent of adults in Cameron County admitted to binge drinking in 2017.
  • Cameron County had an opioid prescription rate of 26.1 per 100 individuals.
  • As of 2020, Cameron County has 26 providers licensed to offer buprenorphine to patients with an opioid addiction.
  • Cameron County also has eight substance use disorder treatment facilities, including four facilities that provide medication-assisted treatment.

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Addiction Treatment Options In Harlingen, Texas

Personalized treatment plans for addiction offer a better chance at a healthy and long-term recovery. Keep this in mind while looking for the right treatment option.

These treatment plans have services that are designed to meet your needs based on an assessment of your condition. Regard Healthcare Texas in Scurry, which is about 500 miles from Harlingen, offers personalized treatment plans that can include detox, inpatient care, and other services.

Drug And Alcohol Detox Programs

When you give up drugs or alcohol, being in a medically assisted detox program can help you manage withdrawal.

These kinds of programs aren’t addiction treatment programs, but they do ensure that you’re safe during withdrawal. You can go through an inpatient or outpatient detox program, depending on your needs.

Inpatient Addiction Treatment

When you’re facing a severe substance use disorder, inpatient care can offer the most appropriate help. This type of program takes place in treatment facilities with around-the-clock supervision and teams of nurses, counselors, and other professionals available.

During inpatient rehab, you’ll have several services to help you, including behavioral therapy, stress management techniques, educational classes on addiction, and relapse prevention. These programs can last for many weeks or months.

Outpatient Drug Rehab

When you’re dealing with a less severe addiction, outpatient treatment might offer the right level of help. Outpatient programs don’t involve being in a facility for weeks at a time.

You only have to go to an outpatient treatment center for therapy sessions, which can range from a few times each week to multiple times.

Medication-Assisted Treatment

When you have an addiction to alcohol or opioids, medication-assisted treatment (MAT) can be an effective option for recovery.

MAT programs combine behavioral therapy with the safe use of medication, such as Vivitrol or naltrexone, in order to lower the risks of relapse that can occur with these addictions.

Aftercare Planning And Services

Leaving a rehab program doesn’t mean you won’t need support anymore. Aftercare planning is designed to address the support needs you might have when you’re done with rehab.

These services provide you with continuing support in various ways, such as through recovery coaching, access to sober living housing, or 12-step programs.

How To Pay For Alcohol Or Drug Rehab

You might be able to use your private health insurance plan for drug rehab services. You’ll need to contact the rehab facility, along with your health insurance company, in order to verify your coverage details, such as how much is covered and what types of services are included.

Virtual Care Is Available With Regard Healthcare

If you can’t physically visit a rehab center, you don’t have to put off getting help. Regard Healthcare has virtual or online services available for addiction treatment and mental health support.

Having access to these services from your home helps ensure that you can work on your mental health and recovery until you can visit a treatment facility.

Regard Healthcare Texas

Located around 500 miles from Harlingen, Regard Healthcare Texas provides multiple levels of support for recovery, including inpatient care and medication-assisted treatment.

Our campus offers several approaches to recovery, such as outdoor programs with hiking, survival skills training, and other activities. We also offer expressive therapies, behavioral therapies, and stress management training with meditation, and more.

To get started with admissions, please contact us today.

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