Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers in Buffalo Gap, Texas

The small city of Buffalo Gap, Texas is an incorporated town in Taylor County with a history that goes all the way back to 1857. With a population of just 464 people, it’s surprising that this little town has a well-known treatment center, one that was once featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show and the OWN website.

Rehab Centers In Buffalo Gap, Texas

Buffalo Gap is a small city that gets its name because it sits on a natural pass that bison traveled through at one time. Today, it’s a popular tourist site full of art and handicrafts. It also includes one treatment center for those with a drug or alcohol problem looking for help.

Shades of Hope Treatment Center

Shades of Hope Treatment Center is known for its treatment of eating disorders, but often this problem is accompanied by chemical dependency or an alcohol use disorder. They offer a six-week residential program that includes psychiatric services, therapeutic services, and nutritional counseling. 

Rehab Centers Near Buffalo Gap, Texas

While there are limited options in Buffalo Gap, there are some more treatment centers in the surrounding communities.

Alcohol & Drug Abuse Council For The Concho Valley, San Angelo, Texas

The Alcohol & Drug Abuse Council has two locations in San Angelo, one for residential treatment and one for outpatient care. Sara’s House is an inpatient program for women who are pregnant or have children. William’s House is the residential facility for men. Both programs are available to Texas residents only.

River Crest Hospital, San Angelo, Texas

River Crest offers a detox and rehab program for those with long-term addictions to alcohol or drugs. The program includes medical detox, therapy for individuals, groups and families, nursing education, and relapse prevention. They also provide medication management and dietary counseling.

Substance Abuse In Buffalo Gap & Taylor County

The small city of Buffalo Gap is not known to have a high incidence of substance abuse, but Taylor Country has seen an escalation of this problem, especially in the larger region of Abilene. There is, in fact, a significant substance abuse concern among teens in this area. Consider some other essential facts regarding substance abuse in Taylor County:

  • Thirty percent of students say it is very easy for them to get alcohol.

  • Twelve percent of adolescents say alcohol is always available to them at parties.

  • The accidental overdose mortality rate in Taylor is 12 to 14 people per 100,000. The state average is 4.9 deaths per 100,000.

  • The county commissioner lists methamphetamine and cocaine use as significant problems in this area, with opioid use also one the rise.

Traveling For The Best Program

Buffalo Gap is a tiny town with limited options for drug and alcohol abuse treatment. It might be necessary for families to consider going to another area in Texas to find the substance abuse help they need. For more information about substance abuse treatment in Texas, contact

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