Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers in Big Sandy, Texas

Big Sandy is a small town with a population of only 1,800 people near the Texarkana area of Texas. The area is rural, and there are few resources in Big Sandy. Residents enjoy a low crime rate, a quality school system, and an affordable cost of living.

Rehab Centers In Big Sandy, Texas

It’s a common myth that a person needs to hit rock-bottom before entering treatment. The truth, however, is that the earlier a person enters a rehab program, the better the chances for long-term recovery. Due to limited amenities and a quiet population, there is only one rehab center located in Big Sandy: Azleway.

Azleway Substance Abuse Program

This recovery program is designed for male youth ages 13-17. Residential treatment is provided in a ranch setting, with young adults spending 20 hours a week in academic instruction. The program focuses on learning relapse prevention strategies and building a strong support system through recovery.

Rehab Centers Near Big Sandy, Texas

Although Big Sandy is a small community, it’s nearby more populated cities like Tyler and Longview. With transportation, a person can travel daily to receive outpatient treatment. Or, as an alternative, entering an inpatient program near Big Sandy can mean the family will be close by to offer additional support. 

Wellness Pointe, Longview, Texas

Wellness Pointe is just over a half an hour drive from Big Sandy and provides outpatient treatment services for both adolescents and adults struggling with addiction. The 12-week program for adults includes 9 individual therapy sessions with a licensed counselor. The adolescent program includes home visits and educational programs for parents.

Cenikor, Tyler, Texas

Cenikor provides both outpatient and inpatient treatment at their Tyler location, about a 25-30 minute drive from Big Sandy. Their short-term, inpatient detoxification program addresses withdrawal symptoms associated with addiction. The program involves around-the-clock medical care and supervision and provides discharge planning that may include further residential treatment or outpatient care.

Substance Abuse In Big Sandy And Upshur County

As a small town in Texas, the scope of substance abuse issues in Big Sandy is best viewed through the lens of Texas-wide statistics. In a study conducted by the University of Texas at Austin, substance abuse trends in Texas in 2017 include:

  • 715 individuals in Texas died from methamphetamine use in 2016, while 539 deaths were attributed to heroin in the same year.

  • Texas does not have the same heroin-related overdose rates as the rest of the U.S. because the heroin available in Texas is mainly Mexican Black Tar, which cannot be easily mixed with fentanyl (a deadly synthetic opioid).

  • The number of people being admitted for addiction to benzodiazepines is rising.

Traveling For The Best Program

While treatment in Big Sandy may be limited, there are recovery options available to you when you become willing to relocate temporarily for treatment. Traveling outside of Big Sandy can provide a fresh perspective on life and a structured environment to heal and reflect. For help on how to find the right program in Texas, contact us today.

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