Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers in Aransas Pass, Texas

With a population of just over 9,000 and a climate characterized by hot, humid summers and mild to cool winters, Aransas Pass is by all definitions a peaceful and quiet city. Located in Aransas, Nueces and San Patricio counties in Texas, this coastal community features tourism, shrimping, farming, oil, and gas for the major economic activities.

Rehab Centers In Aransas Pass, Texas

Inpatient programs are best for people who require structure, medical supervision, and a safe environment for healing. The one program available within Aransas Pass’ city limits is an inpatient program at Care Regional Medical Center Hospital.

Care Regional Medical Center Hospital 

With experienced professionals and great facilities, the inpatient program allows for detoxification and a comfortable recovery process. Care Regional Medical Center Hospital offers the highest and safest level of care that is suitable for treating seniors and older adults with substance use disorders. There is also outpatient counseling to help persons in recovery.

Rehab Centers Near Aransas Pass, Texas

Aransas Pass is located near the north side of Corpus Christi Bay, and drivers can easily reach surrounding communities via car. Some of these communities feature effective rehab centers, including: 

Shoeline Inc., Taft, Texas 

Shoeline Inc. benefits greatly from the strong sense of community in this area and is only a short drive from Aransas Pass. The treatment center offers modern amenities, a serene environment, friendly staff, and a wide range of treatment programs. Here, persons with substance use disorders and those in recovery will have fit surroundings for clearing the mind as they enter full recovery.

Charlie’s Place REcovery Center, Corpus Christi, Texas

Located in Corpus Christi, this treatment center offers both short-term and long-term inpatient treatment. Treatment involves individual and group therapy, as well as a family program. People experiencing a mental health crisis, having thoughts of self-harm, or those struggling with a substance use disorder receive a solid support base in their journey towards recovery.

Substance Abuse In Aransas Pass

Under the cover of peace and quiet that Aransas Pass enjoys, a good number of its residents grapple with substance abuse. Just as with any other city in the U.S, the most commonly misused substances include marijuana, alcohol, and prescription pills. Law enforcement agencies are also working to combat drug-related crimes:

  • In 2017 alone, the Aransas Pass Police Department seized 38 ounces of marijuana, 986 grams of RX drugs, and 182 grams of opiates. Other seizure numbers are 91, 81 and 118 grams of synthetic cocaine, amphetamine, and meth, respectively.

Traveling For The Best Program

Although there are numerous options for rehab programs near Aransas Pass, do not feel pressured to only enter a treatment facility in your area. There are several quality programs located throughout Texas, so be prepared to travel to find the right fit. If your loved one is suffering from addiction, contact today to learn more about substance misuse and treatment options in Texas.

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