Alice, Texas Substance Use Statistics And Treatment Options

Substance use is a serious issue in Alice and throughout Jim Wells County. In fact, substance use rates are higher in this area than they are in many other parts of the state. Fortunately, effective treatment is available nearby.

Substance use Statistics In Alice And Jim Wells County, Texas

More than 70,000 people died from drug overdose in the United States during 2017 alone. Nearly 3,000 of these deaths occurred in the state of Texas. Here are some statistics that show the widespread and serious nature of substance use throughout the city of Alice and the surrounding county:

  • Drug trafficking is a common problem in Jim Wells County. 51 percent of the drugs seized in this area are cocaine, while 14 percent are cannabis. Other drugs seized frequently in Jim Wells County include methamphetamine and heroin.
  • The drug overdose death rate in Jim Wells County has been increasing steadily over the past five years.
  • As of 2017, the drug overdose death rate in Jim Wells County was 12.97 per 100,000 people. This rate was up from 12.66 in the previous year.
  • There are two licensed substance use treatment centers located in Jim Wells County. Both of these facilities are located in the city of Alice.
  • The drug overdose death rate in Jim Wells County during 2017 was significantly higher than the average overdose death rate for the state of Texas as a whole.

Addiction Treatment Options In Alice, Texas

Multiple addiction treatment options are available to meet the needs of different patients. Some of the options you may find near Alice include inpatient programs, outpatient programs, medication-assisted treatment, and detox.

The best programs tend to be those that customize treatment to meet the unique needs of each individual patient.

Drug And Alcohol Detox Programs

When withdrawing from drugs or alcohol, it’s important to consider your safety. The easiest and safest way to withdraw is with the help of a professional detox program. Both inpatient and outpatient detox programs are available, so you can choose the option that is best for you.

Inpatient Addiction Treatment

Inpatient addiction treatment programs offer the highest level of support to patients. When you enroll in this type of program, you’ll have access to continuous supervision 24 hours a day.

These programs include both peer and professional support as well, ensuring that you have access to all the resources you need to make a full recovery.

A variety of clinical and therapeutic approaches may be used in these programs, including cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, group therapy, and more.

Outpatient Addiction Treatment

Outpatient addiction treatment programs require you to travel to and from the treatment center, as opposed to staying overnight.

These programs are generally best for patients who have strong support systems at home. They may also be used to help patients transition out of inpatient treatment.

Medication-Assisted Treatment

Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) programs are specialized treatment options that combine medication with behavioral therapy to improve treatment outcomes.

MAT programs are available with both inpatient and outpatient structures. Patients with addictions to opioids or alcohol may benefit from medication-assisted treatment. The type of medication prescribed will depend on the specifics of the patient’s addiction.

Aftercare Planning And Services

Following your discharge from an addiction treatment program, receiving ongoing support is essential. For this reason, the most effective treatment programs provide their patients with aftercare planning, as well as access to specific aftercare services.

Some aftercare services that may be available in this area include sober living, community resources, peer recovery support and 12-step meetings.

How To Pay For Alcohol Or Drug Rehab

Paying for alcohol or drug rehab usually involves a combination of health insurance payments, cash, and credit. In order to determine the exact cost of your program, as well as the amount that will be covered by your health insurance policy, be sure to contact the facility and your insurance provider directly.

Virtual Care Is Available With Regard Healthcare

If you’re unable to enroll in a traditional in-person treatment program, you can still receive addiction treatment services virtually.

Regard Healthcare is a virtual care platform that offers on-demand treatment customized to meet your needs. This option offers both privacy and convenience, allowing you to choose the treatment schedule that best fits your day-to-day life.

Regard Healthcare Texas

If you live in Alice, you can travel to Regard Healthcare Texas within six hours. Regard Healthcare Texas is a full-service addiction treatment facility that offers residential care, outpatient treatment, and a variety of other services.

All treatment programs are tailored to meet patient needs and may include a combination of evidence-based and alternative therapies. For more information, please contact us today.

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