Top 5 Drug Rehab Centers Near Powell, Tennessee

The small community of Powell, Tennessee sits on the Emory Road corridor in Knox County, just north of Knoxville. Though it’s a small, unincorporated community, it has several historic properties and excellent examples of Old South architecture around town.

For those who need addiction treatment help, Powell offers a local option to consider. Additional treatment centers can be found to the south in Knoxville.

Drug And Alcohol Rehab Centers In Powell, Tennessee

There is currently at least one drug and alcohol rehab center in Powell: Cherokee Health Systems.

Cherokee Health Systems

Cherokee Health Systems offers behavioral health care and addiction services to people throughout the state, and it operates a center in Powell. The Powell facility, unlike others in Cherokee Health Systems, focuses entirely on behavioral health. Intensive and traditional outpatient care with medication-assisted treatment is available at this location.

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Drug And Alcohol Rehab Centers Near Powell, Tennessee

Because Powell is so close to Knoxville, those seeking addiction treatment have even more rehab centers available in the larger city.

Helen Ross McNabb Center Inc: CenterPointe, Knoxville, Tennessee

CenterPointe, part of the Helen Ross McNabb Center, provides addiction treatment services in Knoxville that include residential care, outpatient services, detox services, and medication-assisted treatment. CenterPointe also has a crisis stabilization unit available.

Peninsula Substance Abuse Services, Knoxville, Tennessee

Peninsula Substance Abuse Services in Knoxville provides medication-assisted treatment in an outpatient setting. This facility can also refer patients to other Peninsula Substance Abuse Services facilities, which include inpatient, hospital-based treatment centers. Counseling at Peninsula Substance Abuse Services follows the 12-step model.

Alternative Counseling Center, Knoxville, Tennessee

Alternative Counseling Center in Knoxville offers psychiatric care and psychological counseling on an outpatient basis. Both individual and group counseling services are available, with specific groups for men and women battling domestic violence issues and those seeking help for anger management. Both adults and adolescents can get counseling care here.

E.M. Jellinek Center, Inc., Knoxville, Tennessee

Offering a therapeutic residential community to those with addiction, the E.M. Jellinek Center has been part of Knoxville since the 1970s. It creates a supportive community where those battling addiction can support one another as they make a path towards recovery. Treatment for co-occurring mental health disorders is available at this center.

Substance Abuse In Powell & Knox County

The community of Powell and the rest of Knox County often faces challenges regarding substance abuse and addiction. Drug-related deaths in the region have increased, as these facts show:

  • Drug-related deaths in Knox County increased by 31 percent in 2016, which was a higher increase than the state as a whole.
  • Over one tenth of those deaths involved fentanyl.
  • The total number of deaths was 224.
  • The most common age group affected was those between the ages of 45 and 54.
  • The 25 to 34 age is at-risk, with deaths increasing by 144 percent from 2015 to 2016.

How To Find Addiction Treatment

Sometimes the key to successful addiction recovery is finding the right treatment center. When that treatment center is not located in the home location, individuals who need help will need to consider traveling. Leaving Powell, or the state of Tennessee, opens a wider range of treatment options.

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