Top 4 Drug Rehab Centers in Hohenwald, Tennessee

Hohenwald is a Tennessee city that serves as the county seat for Lewis County. At the time of the 2010 census, this town was home to nearly 3,800 people.

Although Hohenwald is a smaller town, people in this area still struggle with substance abuse. Fortunately, several addiction treatment centers are available in and around Hohenwald.

Rehab Centers In Hohenwald, Tennessee

At least two drug and alcohol rehab centers are available within Hohenwald, offering a variety of services for patients with addiction.

Buffalo Valley Inc.

Buffalo Valley Inc. is a network of addiction treatment facilities with several locations in Hohenwald: Buffalo Valley Inc. West, Buffalo Valley Inc. Residential Rehab, Buffalo Valley Inc. Outpatient Services, and Buffalo Valley Inc. Intensive Inpatient.

Patients interested in treatment through this network can choose the level of care that works best for them. Regardless of the treatment path chosen, patients will also receive aftercare planning and support to help them as they continue their journey to recovery.

Centerstone Hohenwald

Centerstone is another network of rehab facilities with a location in Hohenwald. This facility offers outpatient substance abuse treatment for patients with substance use disorders. The goal of care at this facility is to help patients realize their strengths and build a network of support that they can use to maintain their recovery when treatment has ended.

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Rehab Centers Near Hohenwald, Tennessee

Some people in Hohenwald may choose to travel to nearby locations to take advantage of other treatment options. Some of the treatment facilities available closest to Hohenwald are in Waynesboro and Nunnelly.

Centerstone Waynesboro, Waynesboro, Tennessee

Centerstone operates another outpatient treatment facility in nearby Waynesboro, which is only 20 miles from Hohenwald. Like Centerstone Hohenwald, Centerstone Waynesboro provides customized outpatient substance abuse treatment to patients to help them maintain their recovery on a long-term basis.

The Ranch, Nunnelly, Tennessee

The Ranch is a residential treatment facility that offers intensive rehabilitation programs in a calm, scenic location. When enrolled in treatment programs at this facility, patients live in small cottages with a small group of other residents.

Treatment programs are customized and may include a variety of different therapies, including counseling, group therapies, adventure therapies, and more.

Substance Abuse In Hohenwald & Lewis County

Throughout the state of Tennessee, all counties are experiencing problems with substance abuse and overdose. According to a recent report released by the Tennessee Department of Health, Lewis County experienced six overdose deaths in 2017.

Given the size of the population in this county, six is a relatively high number of deaths. In addition, even more people experienced nonfatal overdose. These statistics show just how important quality substance abuse treatment can be for people in this county.

How To Find Addiction Treatment

Addiction can change your life in many ways, and the consequences tend to get worse over time. Fortunately, professional treatment can help you manage the ongoing struggle with this disease.

If you live in a smaller town like Hohenwald, however, it can be difficult to find the treatment you need nearby. If you are unable to find a suitable treatment program, it may be necessary to travel to another location.

For more information about the addiction treatment options available to patients in the state of Tennessee or in the surrounding areas, please contact today.

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