Top 4 Drug Rehab Centers in Decaturville, Tennessee

Decaturville, Tennessee is a small town. At the time of the 2010 census, this town was home to fewer than 1,000 people. However, despite its small size, Decaturville still serves as the county seat of Decatur County.

Substance abuse treatment options within Decaturville are limited, but additional options are available nearby.

Rehab Centers in Decaturville, Tennessee

At this time, only one addiction treatment center is available in the small town of Decaturville: Decatur County Center.

Quinco Mental Health: Decatur County Center

The Decatur County Center is operated by Quinco Mental Health, a network that provides mental health and substance abuse treatment throughout Tennessee. This facility offers outpatient substance abuse treatment services for people addicted to alcohol or drugs. Intervention services are also available from this facility.

Rehab Centers Near Decaturville, Tennessee

Because of the limited addiction treatment options available within Decaturville, many people choose to travel to nearby locations like Lexington, Waynesboro, and Hohenwald for rehab services.

Quinco Mental Health: Henderson County Center, Lexington, Tennessee

Henderson County Center is another facility operated by Quinco Mental Health. Like the facility in Decatur, this location provides outpatient substance abuse treatment services and intervention services to patients and their families.

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Centerstone Waynesboro, Waynesboro, Tennessee

Located in nearby Waynesboro, Centerstone Waynesboro offers outpatient substance abuse treatment services. This facility’s philosophy centers on the idea that every patient takes their own unique path to recovery.

The goal of treatment at Centerstone is to connect each patient to the level of care they need and help the patient to focus on their strengths. Treatment programs also help patients build a network of support.

Buffalo Valley Inc., Hohenwald, Tennessee

Buffalo Valley Inc. is a substance abuse treatment center that offers a wide range of services. This facility offers outpatient treatment, partial hospitalization, residential treatment, and treatment for patients with co-occurring mental disorders.

Buffalo Valley Inc. views the recovery from addiction as a lifelong process, so patients are also connected with supportive services to help them as they transition back to life outside of treatment. Buffalo Valley Inc. operates two separate facilities in Hohenwald, which is approximately 32 miles from the town of Decaturville.

Substance Abuse In Decaturville & Decatur County

Substance abuse is a serious problem throughout the state of Tennessee, where overall substance abuse rates are higher than the national average.

The Tennessee Department of Health reports that Decatur County’s overdose rates are relatively low compared to other counties in Tennessee. Nonetheless, there are still many people in this county who struggle with substance abuse and are in need of high quality treatment.

How To Find Addiction Treatment

Addiction is a pervasive condition that will impact every area of your life. If you are addicted to alcohol or drugs, seeking professional treatment is the best way to recover from the disorder and improve your mental and physical health.

However, not all rehab programs are the same. If you live in a smaller town like Decaturville, where your treatment options are limited, it may be necessary to travel to another city to get the high-quality help you need.

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