Top 4 Drug Rehab Centers Near Blaine, Tennessee

As part of the Appalachian Mountain region, Blaine, Tennessee faces some big challenges when it comes to substance use and abuse. A small city of about 1,875 residents, Blaine is situated about 19 miles from Knoxville and 14 miles from Rutledge.

Blaine residents struggling with addiction will find area rehab centers are available to address the growing need for treatment.

Rehab Centers In Blaine, Tennessee

Currently, there is one drug and alcohol rehab center within Blaine city limits: Cherokee Health Systems.

Cherokee Health Systems

In addition to a range of other health services, Cherokee Health Systems provides addiction services to residents of Blaine. Using a complex care team model of treatment, Cherokee Health Systems provides intensive outpatient programs, care management, and related support for addiction.

Medication-assisted treatment is used in conjunction with behavioral therapy to help individuals with opioid addiction move toward lasting recovery.

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Rehab Centers Near Blaine, Tennessee

Near Blaine, consider cities like Seymour and Knoxville to find more addiction treatment centers.

Brookhaven Retreat, Seymour, Tennessee

Located about 20 miles from Blaine, Brookhaven Retreat is a private facility that’s situated in a peaceful, wooded, and relaxing setting. A women-only facility, Brookhaven Retreat offers addiction recovery services as well as treatment for mental health conditions.

Unlike some other treatment centers, Brookhaven Retreat provides additional services for women who are facing mood, trauma, or emotional turmoil.

Ensemble Recovery Enterprises, Knoxville, Tennessee

Ensemble Recovery Enterprises implements a truly holistic approach to substance abuse treatment. Acknowledging the toll that substance use has on the body, Ensemble Recovery provides a full spectrum of primary care services that includes vaccinations, chronic disease management, health screenings, and more.

Services specific to substance abuse include an intensive outpatient program and medication-assisted treatment for opioid addiction and dependence.

Serenity Ministries, Knoxville, Tennessee

A program of the Knoxville Area Rescue Mission, Serenity Ministries offers case management, crisis intervention, counseling, and other services in a faith-based environment. Set in a peaceful, leafy area, women aged 18 years and older receive specialized services over an 18-month period.

In addition to faith-based counseling and case management, women also take part in job skills training. Serenity Ministries has an on-site computer lab and a commercial kitchen for culinary training.

Substance Abuse In Blaine & Grainger County

Blaine and Grainger County residents are affected by substance abuse and IV injection. Information obtained by amfAR noted the following facts regarding substance abuse in Grainger County:

  • Based on six factors, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) ranked Grainger County as number 66 out of 220 counties at risk for HIV and/or hepatitis C outbreaks because of opioid use.
  • In 2014, 2.41 percent of Grainger County residents who were 12 years and older self-identified as being addicted to drugs and/or alcohol.

How To Find Addiction Treatment

Blaine, Tennessee simply doesn’t provide the range of substance abuse treatment services that meet the needs of everyone who needs help. Traveling to different areas in Tennessee, as well as bordering states, can provide a wider range of treatment options.

Treatment specialists are trained to help with the search. For more information, contact today.

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