Top 6 Drug Rehab Centers Near Vale, South Dakota

Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers In Vale, South Dakota

Vale, South Dakota is home to one addiction treatment center that has served the community since 1977: New Dawn Center.

New Dawn Center

The New Dawn Center in Vale is a low-intensity residential treatment center for men only. The program is typically for 90 days, although it can last longer.

The program offers six to eight hours of counseling each week, which may include individual, group, or family sessions. It’s recommend patients continue treatment after discharge and attend 12-step meetings. Priority admission is given to those with a history of IV drug use.

Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers Near Vale, South Dakota

Within 45 miles of Vale, additional treatment options are available in Rapid City or Sturgis. Residents can also consider a facility located in Sundance, Wyoming, as well.

Lifeways, Rapid City, South Dakota

Lifeways is an adolescent facility that focuses on three aspects of addiction: prevention, intervention, and connection. They sponsor prevention programs in schools that include classroom education and peer groups. Intervention services include groups for students and families along with drug screenings.

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WellFully, Rapid City, South Dakota

WellFully is a program for adolescents with substance use disorders. They offer intensive outpatient services along with aftercare, which are available after school. The intensive outpatient plan lasts from four- to six-weeks, and aftercare lasts for 26-weeks or longer.

Compass Point, Sturgis, South Dakota

Compass Point is a comprehensive treatment program accredited by the South Dakota Department of Social Services. A 28-day inpatient treatment program for adults is available, as well as outpatient services. Both programs include a family component, and an adolescent diversion class is also provided.

Action For The Betterment Of The Community, Sturgis, South Dakota

Action for the Betterment of the Community provides programs for high-risk youth and those with ongoing addiction problems. They offer individual counseling, assessment, and other outpatient services.

Northern Wyoming Mental Health Center Inc., Sundance, Wyoming

Northern Wyoming Mental Health Center provides comprehensive services that include individual and family therapy. The program includes medical management, crisis services, medication-assisted treatment for opioid addiction, intensive outpatient care, and DUI/MIP classes.

Substance Abuse In Vale & Butte County, South Dakota

Vale and Butte County are facing a meth and alcohol abuse crisis, especially among young people. Drug-use facts for Vale and Butte County include:

  • Butte County spends almost $3,500 treating young people for underage alcohol harm.
  • Meth affects people between the ages of 16 and 60 in Butte County.

Leaving Vale, South Dakota For Treatment

Outside of Vale and other South Dakota communities, a wealth of treatment programs are available. While it makes sense to want to stay near home for rehab, considering leaving the local community. To learn more about different recovery options, contact today.

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