Top 5 Drug Rehab Centers Near Flandreau, South Dakota

Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers In Flandreau, South Dakota

The town of Flandreau, South Dakota is home to at least one addiction treatment center: Avera Flandreau Hospital.

Avera Flandreau Hospital

Avera Flandreau Hospital is part of a state-wide medical network that offers innovative services. Their goal is to provide comprehensive medical services that includes addiction treatment.

It starts with a full patient assessment to determine the level of treatment necessary. Patients work via telemedicine to develop an actionable care plan using network resources. Avera also has an addiction recovery unit 40 miles away in Sioux City, South Dakota.

Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers Near Flandreau, South Dakota

Given the limitations of treatment in Flandreau, families can look beyond their hometown to access rehab centers in Brookings, Madison, and Sioux Falls.

East Central Behavioral Health, Brookings, South Dakota

The East Central Behavioral Health facility provides outpatient services for those with substance use disorder. Their program consists of six weeks of individual and group counseling. They also provide aftercare services that include an additional six-months of continuing care and support.

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Community Counseling Services, Madison, South Dakota

The Community Counseling Services in Madison provides outpatient programs based on the 12-step recovery method. They offer a six-week plan with individual and group counseling before clients receive 26-weeks of aftercare services. Aftercare provides the tools clients need to transition back into their day-to-day lives while remaining substance free.

Carroll Institute, Sioux Falls, South Dakota

The Carroll Institute provides a variety of services that includes adult outpatient treatment and aftercare. The Institute also works with the court system to offer a diversion program and jail treatment along with DUI school. Their moral reconation therapy program is for adults looking to change how they make decisions about their lives and actions.

Glory House, Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Glory House offers both residential and outpatient care. They have a seperate 16-week program for methamphetamine abuse that includes a 12- to 18-month aftercare plan that requires family participation. In addition, Glory House provides assessments and electronic monitoring.

Substance Abuse In Flandreau & Moody County, South Dakota

Flandreau and Moody County are facing many of the same drug and alcohol problems as most counties in South Dakota. Drug-use facts from Moody County include:

  • The Moody County Sheriff’s Office reported 27 drug arrests in 2018.
  • Flandreau Police reported 64 drug arrests in 2018.

Leaving Flandreau, South Dakota For Treatment

The rehab centers located in Flandreau and the surrounding communities may have limited beds available, and residents should find treatment without having to wait. For help finding treatment as soon as possible, reach out to a treatment specialist by contacting today.

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