2 Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers in Aberdeen, South Dakota

Aberdeen is the third largest city in South Dakota with around 27,000 residents. The town was originally built due to the development of the railroad in the late 1800s. Since then, Aberdeen has flourished and grown. Super 8 Motels was founded in Aberdeen which has caused a thriving economy. With money comes problems, especially alcohol and drug abuse. In Aberdeen there are several reported crimes that involved drug abuse issues. Prescription drugs, methamphetamine and alcohol seem to be the issue when it comes to addiction problems for Aberdeen. For someone struggling with addiction there are two facilities that provide treatment care. The Avera Saint Lukes Worthmore Addiction Services and Northern State University provide inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation programs. 

Weather In Aberdeen

Before you go to rehab you first need to find out what to pack. Weather in Aberdeen can vary, winter months you can count on 0-30 degrees with it potentially snowing and during the summertime its a beautiful 70-90 degrees. The Avera Saint Lukes Withmore program provides residential care so expect to go on walks and spend time outdoors during your rehab stay.

Jobs In Aberdeen After Rehab

Finding a job after you complete your drug and alcohol rehab program is essential for a successful recovery. The Super 8 Motel has its headquarters in Aberdeen and the local hospital bring the most employment to town. Staying connected to your rehab center once you've completed treatment is very beneficial during the first few months of recovery.

Lodging In Aberdeen 

If you have a loved one in rehab in Aberdeen you might want to visit him or her while in treatment. The two top rated hotels are The Hampton Inn on 7th Ave and the Super 8 on 6th Ave. Both are within a 15 minute drive of Avera Saint Lukes Worthmore Rehab.

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