Top 3 Drug Rehab Centers Near Liberty, South Carolina

Located in Pickens County, South Carolina, Liberty captures the feeling of a historic small town. It is home to just over 3,000 people, and though the population is small, many within Liberty find themselves struggling with addiction to drugs or alcohol.

For that reason, Liberty has its own addiction treatment facility to offer hope to families and individuals touched by the challenges of addiction.

Rehab Centers In Liberty, South Carolina

Even though it is a small community, Liberty offers options for addiction treatment. For individuals in Liberty struggling with drug addiction, local treatment facilities offer the chance to get help. Men, specifically, will find treatment available in Liberty to help them battle addiction.

Home With A Heart

Home with a Heart is a Christian residential treatment facility offering services to men seeking help with addiction to drugs or alcohol. They combine a 12-step program with teachings from the Bible to help people break free from addiction. Treatment takes place in a residential, home-like environment where access to drugs and alcohol is carefully controlled.

Rehab Centers Near Liberty, South Carolina

When addiction treatment facilities in Liberty do not meet an individual’s needs, nearby communities have options. Greenville, specifically, offers a number of addiction treatment options, including:

Phoenix Center

The Phoenix Center offers a wide range of treatment options for patients from facilities in Greenville. Outpatient treatment and medically supervised detox, including the option for medication-assisted treatment, are the foundation of their services. However, The Phoenix Center also offers a residential treatment program for women through its Serenity Place facility.

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Miracle Hill Ministries

Miracle Hill Ministries, also located in Greenville, has two facilities: Overcomers for men and Renewal for women. These residential treatment facilities offer a Christian-based approach to the 12-Step recovery model and serve over 400 individuals each year. In addition to treatment, Miracle Hill Ministries offers life skills classes to help individuals successfully transition to sober living.

Substance Abuse In Liberty And Pickens County

Because of its rural location, Pickens County has a higher rate of methamphetamine production than other parts of the state. The following numbers point to the extent of Liberty and Pickens County’s drug problem.

  • In 2016, opioid overdose took the lives of 25 people in Pickens County, which includes Liberty.
  • In 2016, one investigation led to over 100 people being arrested and charged with drug-related crimes.
  • Methamphetamine use and sales in Pickens County remain a top concern for local law enforcement.
  • In 2015, there were 1,026 drug-related arrests in Pickens County, which was higher than in many other parts of the state.

Traveling For The Best Program

When Liberty does not provide the most convenient or personalized treatment option, individuals seeking addiction treatment may need to travel outside of their home area. Thankfully, addiction treatment specialists are available to help individuals and their families locate the best possible treatment options, both in Liberty and nearby.

Reach out to one today to learn more about treatment options in South Carolina that will improve the chances of successful addiction treatment.

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