2 Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers in Anderson, South Carolina

Anderson, South Carolina, sometimes referred to as “Electric City” or “The Friendliest City in South Carolina,” is one of the northernmost cities in the state. Recognized nationally for its great spirit, Anderson takes pride in offering residents a good quality of life and visitors a welcoming atmosphere. 

The city is home to a moderate population of 26,686, and it is also home to some excellent drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs for those ready to get back to a life of sobriety.

Rehab Centers In Anderson, South Carolina

Not every city has a drug rehabilitation facility within city limits, but Anderson, South Carolina does. In Anderson, there are two primary places available if you are seeking help with drug or alcohol dependency.

Anderson/Oconee Counties Behavioral Health Services

Anderson/Oconee Counties Behavioral Health Services is located in downtown Anderson and caters to adults who are struggling with addiction on multiple levels. The facility offers traditional outpatient services paired with addiction medications, as well as partial hospitalization, day treatment programs, and a highly effective alcohol and drug safety program. 

The facility also offers drug programs for the local court system, gender-specific programs, and programs for adolescents.

Carolina Treatment Centers

Carolina Treatment Centers offers medication-assisted outpatient treatment for those struggling with addiction. Through high-quality care and a focus on counseling, the treatment center helps adults facing a crisis get back to their regular lives as quickly as possible with the help of FDA-approved prescription medications. The rehab center focuses on offering care for patients who are struggling with an addiction to opioids.

Rehab Centers Near Anderson, South Carolina

If there is not an alcohol or drug rehab center with availability in Anderson, you do still have options. There are several facilities within traveling distance if you are seeking addiction treatment in the area.

Home With A Heart, Liberty

Home with a Heart is a Christian-based addiction treatment center for men who are ready to get their life of sobriety started. They offer a home-like environment in which accepted residents help out with daily chores and activities to cover the costs of their treatment. While small in size, Home with a Heart offers an effective 12-step recovery process that covers eight weeks. Since opening in 1993, the rehab center has helped more than 3,500 men get back to sobriety.

Crossroads Treatment Center, Seneca

Just a little over 22 miles from Anderson, Crossroads Treatment Center uses effective and validated treatment for people with opioid dependency. The rehab center offers medication-assisted outpatient treatment and counseling and has been helping individuals in the state for more than 10 years.

Substance Abuse In Anderson And Anderson County

The more you know about addiction and drug or alcohol abuse in Anderson and the state of South Carolina, the more comfortable you will feel with seeking help because you know you're not alone. Overall in the state, overdose death rates due to opioids rose 14 percent between 2015 and 2016. Between 2015 and 2016, Anderson County had a total of 50 overdose deaths due to opioids.

Traveling For The Best Program

If you live outside of Anderson, South Carolina or there is not a suitable rehab program in the area for you, it is well worth considering traveling to find a place that meets your needs. In some cases, it can actually help to get away from your current location to change the environment and the people who you are usually around you. 

Being open to traveling for drug or alcohol rehab is going to open up your options. Reach out to a treatment specialist for help with tracking down the best rehabilitation center in South Carolina.

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