Top 3 Drug Rehab Centers Near Monroeville, Pennsylvania

Monroeville has a thriving commercial district and economic center, providing ample employment opportunities to its residents. Sadly, Monroeville and the surrounding Allegheny County communities have a big problem with drug and alcohol addiction, and the need for effective treatment options is clear. Fortunately, there are a number of rehab facilities both in and near Monroeville to help people get on the path to recovery.

Rehab Centers In Monroeville, Pennsylvania

Monroeville is so close to Pittsburgh that many who need treatment will visit one of the treatment facilities in the bigger city, but the small community has its own options too.

Jade Wellness Center

Jade Wellness Center offers dual-diagnosis treatment in Monroeville for those who are battling addiction and co-occurring disorders. The facility offers an intensive outpatient and general outpatient treatment program, with both day and evening tracks to accommodate working adults. They also offer medication-assisted treatment and aftercare for those who have completed treatment and need additional support to maintain recovery.

Rehab Centers Near Monroeville, Pennsylvania

Monroeville’s central location near Pittsburgh means a large number of treatment facilities are close at hand.

Gateway Rehab Monroeville, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Though it’s technically in Pittsburgh, Gateway Rehab Monroeville is so close that it’s almost considered in Monroeville. This outpatient facility offers extended evening hours to accommodate working adults. It is part of the Gateway Rehab network that offers the full continuum of care, so patients can get the exact level of treatment they need within the same network.

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Greenbriar Treatment Center Monroeville, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Also in Pittsburgh, but close enough to be given the title of “Monroeville,” this branch of the Greenbriar Treatment Center offers partial day and intensive outpatient treatment options to people living in Monroeville and the surrounding communities. These services are considered the second step in the addiction treatment journey, and the Greenbriar Treatment Center network provides residential and detox facilities elsewhere when they are needed.

Substance Abuse In Monroeville & Allegheny County

Allegheny County, which includes Monroeville, had a staggering number of drug addiction deaths in 2016. The large urban center of Pittsburgh may be part of the reason for this, but the reality is that many people in Monroeville also find themselves touched by addiction. Here are some important statistics:

  • In 2016, 648 people (52.97 out of every 100,000 people) in Allegheny County died due to drug-related overdose.
  • This was the second highest number of drug deaths for counties in Pennsylvania that year.
  • Over 400 of those deaths were connected to fentanyl use; over 300 of the deaths were connected with heroin.
  • The death toll was a 52 percent increase from 2015.

Traveling For The Best Program

Though the area around Monroeville offers quite a large number of treatment options, sometimes an individual will find greater success by leaving home. Traveling not only opens the door to more treatment facilities, but it also removes the triggers and temptations associated with addiction. Finding the right program can be difficult, so reach out to to learn more about treatment options.

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