Top 4 Drug Rehab Centers Near Middleburg, Pennsylvania

Middleburg, Pennsylvania is a small borough with a total population of 1,306. Originally called Swinefordstown, Middleburg lies on land lived on by Native Americans for centuries. Today, the sleepy borough of less than one square mile is popular among tourists interested in wineries and wildcats. Middleburg, however, doesn’t have much to offer for addiction treatment.

Rehab Centers In Middleburg, Pennsylvania

At this time, there are no rehab facilities in Middleburg for patients seeking treatment for drugs or alcohol. While many people have the instinct to look for treatment near home, it can be helpful to get away and enter a program best suited to the person’s needs.

Rehab Centers Near Middleburg, Pennsylvania

Fortunately, the nearby cities of Harrisburg, Elizabethville, and Beavertown offer plenty of options for patients suffering from addiction.

Firetree Ltd: Conewago Snyder, Beavertown, Pennsylvania

At the Conewago Snyder location in Beavertown, adult patients have access to inpatient residential treatment. There is a 99-bed unit that includes 40 beds for women patients only. The facility is positioned on secluded farmland that gives patients a chance to reconnect with nature. Following residential treatment at Conewago Snyder, patients receive outpatient treatment at the Genesis House, which is in partnership with Firetree.

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White Deer Run, Allenwood, Pennsylvania

White Deer Run has a residential treatment center in Allenwood, which is located on 150 picturesque acres. For over 40 years, White Deer Run has helped men and women with opioid, alcohol, cannabis, cocaine, and benzodiazepine addictions. Dual diagnosis for mental illness and drug abuse is also available at White Deer Run.

Clear Concepts Counseling, Lewistown, Pennsylvania

The Clear Concepts Counseling center has a clinic located near Middleburg in Lewistown. Patients can receive drug and alcohol intervention, assessment, and outpatient treatment services. This includes extensive counseling and therapy that may include psychotherapy and crisis management.

Merakey Behavioral Health, Coal Township, Pennsylvania

In nearby Coal Township, Merakey Behavioral Health provides comprehensive behavioral health services. For patients seeking drug and alcohol rehab, these services include short-term, non-hospital residential treatment and long-term residential care. The center also offers an extended acute care program that includes medication-assisted treatment.

Substance Abuse In Middleburg & Snyder County

News out of Middleburg and Snyder County are on trend with the opioid epidemic tearing through the nation. In November 2018 in Middleburg, a man was charged with trying to sell heroin. Back in September 2018, an eighteen-year-old was charged in Snyder County courts with having distributed drugs to high schoolers. Six teenagers overdosed as a result of the defendant selling these drugs to other teens.

Being able to combat the opioid addiction that is rampant here starts by having a solid selection of drug rehab centers. Middleburg and the surrounding cities in Pennsylvania are doing their part to help treat patients.

Traveling For The Best Program

When considering where to go for substance abuse treatment, do not hesitate to consider options outside of Middleburg. Traveling for treatment can provide the space and distance needed for healing, while also opening up more options to fit the needs of those with addiction. Individuals and their loved ones can contact to learn more about traveling for the best treatment program.

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