Top 4 Drug Rehab Centers Near Hunker, Pennsylvania

Hunker, Pennsylvania is a small borough that is considered part of the greater Pittsburgh area. Home to just 290 people, the borough offers a few places for residents to spend their free time. The borough’s major draw is that it offers quiet, small town living while still being close to downtown Pittsburgh. However, there are limited options for treating addiction within city limits.

Rehab Centers In Hunker, Pennsylvania

There is one rehab center that the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration lists for Hunker. However, the information on this drug and alcohol treatment center is limited. Those who have a drug or alcohol addiction should search for rehab centers outside of Hunker instead.

Rehab Centers Near Hunker, Pennsylvania

Patients who are looking for substance use disorder treatment facilities in the Hunker area do not have to go far to find them. There are several options available that are just a short drive away.

Outside In School Of Experiential Education, Greensburg, Pennsylvania

Outside In, located roughly eight miles from Hunker in Greensburg, offers residential and outpatient services for patients with addiction. Patients can stay at the facility, which offers a 48-bed residential treatment program. Outpatient services at the center include regular outpatient and intensive outpatient options that involve individual therapy, group therapy, and family therapy.

New Freedom Recovery Center, Irwin, Pennsylvania

New Freedom Recovery Center is just nine miles away from Hunker in Irwin. The center provides inpatient treatment in a comfortable setting that helps patients recover. Detox services are also available. Those looking for outpatient options can go through intensive outpatient programming or outpatient counseling.

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Gateway Rehab, Greensburg, Pennsylvania

Located in Greensburg, roughly nine miles from Hunker, Gateway Rehab offers detox services in a safe environment. Other treatment options for patients with a substance use disorder include outpatient programs that teach recovery skills and inpatient programs that include individual treatment, group counseling, and family therapy.

Jade Wellness Center, Monroeville, Pennsylvania

This substance use disorder facility, located about 17 miles from Hunker in Monroeville, offers different treatment programs. Patients can undergo medication-assisted treatment for opioid addiction, or go through intensive outpatient treatment that includes counseling.

Substance Abuse In Hunker & Westmoreland County

Substance abuse in Westmoreland County has climbed considerably in recent years. Consider some statistics from the region:

  • The number of drug-related overdose deaths in the county went from 87 in 2014 to 193 in 2017. Overdose deaths increased significantly during the years in between.
  • Drug-related overdose deaths occurred most often in males between the ages of 31 and 40. Higher numbers of overdose deaths also occurred in males between the ages of 41 and 50 and males between the ages of 21 and 30.
  • The highest number of overdose deaths occurred due to fentanyl use. Other substances included heroin and cocaine.

Traveling For The Best Program

Not all boroughs, towns, and cities offer the right alcohol or drug rehab center for an individual with a substance use disorder. This is why it’s important to explore other options outside the borough. Looking into treatment programs offered at centers in nearby towns and cities helps ensure that patients are able to receive high-quality care for their specific needs.

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