Top 3 Drug Rehab Centers Near Edwardsville, Pennsylvania

Located in Luzerne County, the community of Edwardsville, Pennsylvania, is home to 4,816 people. Settled over 100 years ago, Edwardsville has a rich history. Events like the Edwardsville Pierogi Festival held every year celebrate some of that history. For those struggling with alcohol or drug addiction, enjoying these types of events is not easy. But, help is available through rehab facilities in and around the community.

Rehab Centers In Edwardsville, Pennsylvania

Families and individuals living in Edwardsville with addiction will likely be able to get help in town if needed. Edwardsville offers at least one treatment facility close to home: Clem-Mar House.

Clem Mar House Inc. For Men

The Clem Mar House Inc. has rehab facilities for both men and women that give individuals a safe, drug-free place to live while restructuring their lives and learning to embrace sobriety. The men’s house is located in Edwardsville. Clinical and rehabilitation needs are covered in this residential facility, but the focus is also on helping clients rebuild lives and relationships after the devastation of drug or alcohol addiction.

Rehab Centers Near Edwardsville, Pennsylvania

Not far from Edwardsville, individuals who need help for drug or alcohol addiction will find treatment facilities available. Facilities in Kingston and Wilkes Barre can provide hope within a short drive of Edwardsville.

CHOICES, Kingston, Pennsylvania

CHOICES is the chemical dependency treatment center of Commonwealth Health. This Kingston facility offers medication-assisted treatment, counseling, and outpatient services. They also offer an inpatient 12-step program with the service of certified addiction counselors. There is also an option for a free family program for loved ones of the individual seeking treatment.

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Wyoming Valley Alcohol And Drug Services, Inc., Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania

The Wyoming Valley Alcohol and Drug Services, Inc., treatment facility offer outpatient services and a partial hospitalization program designed to help people get the help they need for addictions of all types, including gambling addiction. The facility has a relapse prevention program and services for adolescents.

Substance Abuse In Edwardsville & Luzerne County

Every year, substance abuse problems rob people in Edwardsville and the surrounding areas of Luzerne County of a fulfilling life. Some are even lost completely to this devastating disease. These statistics show the reason that treatment in and near Edwardsville is so critical:

  • In 2016, 46.3 people out of every 100,000 in Luzerne County died due to substance abuse problems.
  • That was a total of 140 deaths, which was up from 95 deaths the year before.
  • Luzerne County falls among the top 7 for a number of overdose deaths for counties in Pennsylvania.
  • Of those deaths, 67 were connected to fentanyl in some way.

Traveling For The Best Treatment

Treatment centers all throughout the United States offer individualized and specialty rehab program options. Sometimes the best option may not be one located in or near Edwardsville. Traveling away from town to seek treatment may provide the best results. Working with can help individuals and families find the right facility, even if it means traveling for treatment. Contact us today for more information.

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