Top 3 Drug Rehab Centers Near Downingtown, Pennsylvania

Located 33 miles west of Philadelphia, Downingtown, Pennsylvania, is a Chester County borough that has a rich history and heritage its residents love to celebrate. For those who call Downingtown home that also struggles with drug or alcohol addiction, part of that heritage is a supportive community that wishes to help its residents successfully free themselves from addiction.

Rehab Centers In Downingtown, Pennsylvania

For Downingtown residents, traveling outside of town for treatment often makes the most sense. However, one particular group of people struggling with addiction will find treatment within the community.

Saint John Vianney Center

The Saint John Vianney Center offers behavioral health services, including addiction treatment, for religious leaders and clergy. With inpatient and outpatient options, this faith-based program helps stabilize these leaders and help them gain control over their addiction or co-occurring behavioral health issues. Saint John Vianney Center is a Catholic organization boasting over 70 years of experience.

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Rehab Centers Near Downingtown, Pennsylvania

For those who are not in the ministry or who need a different type of treatment, the communities around Downingtown can provide support and care. Consider nearby Exton or West Chester.

Rehab After Work, Exton, Pennsylvania

Rehab After Work is located in Exton and offers outpatient drug and alcohol addiction treatment with the option for medication-assisted treatment and partial day program services. As the name implies, Rehab After Work strives to have hours that are convenient for patients so they can continue the responsibilities of their daily lives while receiving treatment.

Sanare Today, West Chester, Pennsylvania

Sanare Today treats addiction with cognitive-behavioral therapy, mindfulness, and dialectical behavioral skills training. Starting with assessment and then on through choosing and administering treatment, Sanare Today focuses on treating each individual for their unique needs and concerns. In addition to treating chemical dependencies and alcoholism, Sanare Today can assist with chronic pain, depression, and a range of mental health concerns.

Substance Abuse In Downingtown & Chester County

Downingtown and the rest of Chester County are dealing with a serious drug problem, and one that just keeps getting worse. A look at the statistics surrounding this problem show why there is such a need for effective local treatment facilities:

  • In 2016, Chester County had 97 overdose deaths, which was a 54 percent increase over 2015. Of those deaths, 43 were connected with fentanyl; heroin was found in 37 of the deaths and benzodiazepines were a contributing factor in 46.
  • This breaks down into a rate of 19.4 deaths per 100,000 people.

Traveling For The Best Program

When Downingtown does not have a treatment program that seems to be a good fit for an individual’s needs, the option to travel away from town is always available. In fact, some find that traveling for treatment gives a better rate of success, as the individual is able to focus completely on treatment without the demands of everyday life.

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