3 Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers in Bensalem, Pennsylvania

Bensalem is part of Bensalem Township, which borders Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on the northeast. Bensalem and the other towns in Bensalem Township offer a scenic setting with attractive natural features that include Neshaminy Falls and the White Sheet Bay. There are also a few rehab programs to address increases in substance abuse and addiction.

Rehab Centers In Bensalem, Pennsylvania

The natural beauty that surrounds Bensalem is the backdrop for two quality rehab centers: Livengrin and Libertae.


Livengrin has offered a range of evidence-based treatments since 1960. Detox, outpatient, and inpatient care are all available through this facility. They also offer medication-assisted treatment for those with opioid or alcohol addiction and treatment for those with dual diagnoses.


Libertae offers a gender-specific, women-centered outpatient treatment model. Their individualized care gives women suffering from substance abuse or addiction the tools that they need to make a successful recovery and participate fully in their lives and communities.

Rehab Centers Near Bensalem, Pennsylvania

The towns and cities around Bensalem, including Philadelphia and Levittown, also offer a range of treatment options for those suffering from drug or alcohol dependency or addiction. Programs here use a range of methods to give each patient individualized care and attention.

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Self Help Movement, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Self Help is a residential treatment facility for men that offers both short-term and long-term care. In this program, there is a focus on developing a strong foundation of coping skills, anger/emotional management, and a network of supportive friends and family to contribute to a successful life in recovery.

Steps To Recovery, Levittown, Pennsylvania

This treatment program in Levittown offers a range of specialized options that include alcohol detox and rehabilitation, as well as individualized programs for overcoming addictions to meth, cocaine, opioids, and other drugs. There are also gender-specific programs for men and women. These programs are designed to support the person with addiction from initial treatment through reentering society in recovery.

Substance Abuse In Bensalem & Bucks County, Pennsylvania

Like many parts of the country, Bucks County has been seriously affected by the opioid epidemic. In 2016, the last year for which figures are available, there were 168 drug-related deaths in Bucks County, a 5% increase over previous years. Additionally, a recent survey revealed that 11% of those between the ages of 12 and 18 in Bucks County had engaged in binge drinking, which is higher than the state average of 9%.

Traveling For The Best Program

Sometimes, the best thing for someone who is working to heal from substance abuse issues is to begin their journey toward health in a new setting. Traveling for a treatment program removes environmental triggers in the form of both people and settings. We can help you find the best treatment program available for you or a loved one. Get in touch today with RehabCenter.net to discuss what you’re looking for in a program.

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