Top 3 Drug Rehab Centers in Tigard, Oregon

The Portland Metropolitan Area and surrounding cities such as Tigard feature several addiction treatment centers that provide an array of services.

Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers In Tigard, Oregon

In Tigard, there are at least three drug and alcohol rehab centers: CODA, Madrona Recovery Center, and Recovery Works NW.

CODA: Tigard Recovery Center

Particularly dedicated to opioid addiction, but also serving other forms of addiction and alcoholism, Tigard Recovery Center combines inpatient treatment with community services.

Patients receive a medically informed approach to detox, using proven alternative drugs to manage withdrawal. The center welcomes first-timers, those who have struggled for a long time, and pregnant and nursing women. They also offer outpatient counseling and residential non-detox services.

Madrona Recovery Center

Those seeking treatment centers for youth will find the perfect solution in Madrona Recovery Center. Treating 13- to 17-year-olds, the program focuses not only on addiction, but also on behavioral modification, conflict resolution, and communication.

The inpatient program is flexible in terms of length and focuses on one-on-one counseling with professionals who have low caseloads.

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Recovery Works NW

Recovery Works operates outpatient programs and other recovery services out of locations in Portland and Tigard. Their intensive outpatient program provides group therapy (which tend to be under 10 people), and each person is assigned an individual counselor who they meet with each week.

Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers Near Tigard, Oregon

Due to its proximity to Portland and the surrounding suburbs, Tigard residents have many treatment options nearby.

De Paul Treatment Centers, Portland, Oregon

Offering both outpatient and residential treatment, De Paul helps adults and youth detox, enter recovery, and build tools for long-term sobriety. They offer dual diagnosis programs, which is often necessary for people who suffer from both mental health and addiction issues.

Substance Abuse In Tigard & Washington County, Oregon

While Tigard is not the worst offender in the Portland Metro area when it comes to drug stats, Washington County certainly has its issues. According to the county itself:

  • Tens of thousands of people in the county suffer from addiction issues.
  • For each of those people, an estimated 6-12 others suffer as well, from friends to family to coworkers.
  • Tigard’s alternative “medicine” market is also in the spotlight due to psychoactive drug kratom being contaminated with salmonella.

While the unfortunate truth is that many people struggle with or affected by addiction, the good news is there is help. Reach out to today to learn more.

Washington County -

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