Top 6 Drug Rehab Centers in Medford, Oregon

Substance abuse in this region has created a strong need for local addiction treatment centers, which are readily available in Medford, Oregon.

Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers In Medford, Oregon

There are a wide-range of drug and alcohol rehab centers located in Medford, which feature detox programs, residential care, services for teens, and medication-assisted treatment.

Addictions Recovery Center: Rogue Valley Fresh Start Detox

Before treatment, many patients go through withdrawal, and that sometimes requires physical and emotional monitoring. Rogue Valley Fresh Start Detox provides a safe environment with medical monitoring during the detox process. This sets the stage for success as the client progresses into residential or outpatient therapy programs.

Addictions Recovery Center: Residential Treatment

In Medford, Addictions Recovery Center operates a co-ed residential facility that uses 24-hour monitoring combined with group and individual therapy to help those fighting addiction. Personalized treatment plans for each client combined with a safe living environment set the foundation for addiction treatment success.

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OnTrack Inc: DADS Program

OnTrack operates several treatment programs in Medford, including a residential treatment center for custodial fathers. The DADS program provides a comfortable setting where dads can bring their children with them while they seek treatment. This keeps the family stable while giving fathers the right care for an immersive treatment experience.

Medford Allied Health Services

The Medford Allied Health Services program in Medford focuses on medication-assisted treatment to stabilize individuals while they address opioid addiction. In addition to medication, this program uses therapeutic treatments delivered by a caring team of professionals to make the recovery process more effective.

OnTrack Inc: HOME

HOME is OnTrack’s resilient treatment program for moms. This 29-bed facility gives women a safe place to seek treatment. Women are allowed to bring their children with them as they learn to be caring parents. Pregnant women and parenting mothers are both allowed into this program, which uses individual and group counseling for treatment.

OnTrack Inc: Teen Program

OnTrack also operates an outpatient program for teens battling addiction. Here, young people can get early treatment for addiction, helping them learn the mental, social, and physical therapies that can help them manage addiction in the future. Through education and emotional support, the teen program establishes coping skills for positive life choices.

Substance Abuse In Medford & Jackson County, Oregon

Addiction rates in Medford and Jackson County are concerning. These facts show why addiction treatment centers are vital to the region’s health:

  • In 2017, Jackson County had a total of 25 drug overdose deaths, or a rate of 11.5 deaths per 100,000 residents.
  • In 2018, excessive drinking was reported by 21 percent of the population.
  • Also in 2018, 39 percent of the county’s motor vehicle deaths involved alcohol.

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