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Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers in Konawa, Oklahoma


Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers In Konawa, Oklahoma


Currently there is one alcohol and drug rehab center in Konawa, Oklahoma. They are known to provide patient centered addiction treatment, regardless of an individual’s finances, culture, or lifestyle.


Oklahoma Substance Use Disorder Statistics


A substance use disorder (SUD) is a progressive, primary, and chronic disease that occurs when an individual’s use of drugs causes serious problems to their health, relationships, work, or school. SUD is common in the United States, and an estimated 20.2 million adults were suffering from a substance use disorder in 2014.


In many cases, the state of Oklahoma sees an equal rate of SUD as the rest of the country. Yet in 2012, Oklahoma not only had the second highest rate of SUD, but also the third highest rate of any mental illness. The most common substance use disorders in Oklahoma include:


  • alcohol use disorder

  • opioid use disorder

    • heroin

    • oxycodone

    • hydrocodone

    • fentanyl

    • morphine etc.

  • stimulant use disorder

    • methamphetamine

  • cocaine use disorder

  • cannabis use disorder


Some individuals are diagnosed with both a mental disorder, and a substance use disorder. This coexistence of both mental, and substance use disorders is referred to as a co-occurring disorder.

There were an estimated 7.9 million Americans suffering from a co-occurring disorder in 2014. Co-occurring disorders aren’t always easy to overcome, but with a comprehensive treatment program, recovery may be easier.


Konawa, Oklahoma Treatment Options


There is an outpatient rehab center where patients receive holistic care, at an affordable price, and close to home. Holistic care means that the treatment provided will help to manage the “whole” problem of addiction, which may include behavioral, psychological, physical, and biological variables.


The core values of places like these are: Excellence and Quality, Affordable and Accessible Care, Honesty and Integrity, and Teamwork.


Substance abuse facilities in Konawa started in the early 1960s as a need to bring mental, and substance use disorder services closer to home.There is a place to get well, and overcome substance abuse and addiction. To those who qualify for it, some treatment facilities accept Medicaid, Medicare, Military Insurance, Private Insurance, or an Income-based Sliding Fee.


Addiction Treatment Programs


Everyone’s different, so why would their substance use disorders be treated the same? There are programs that offer a path to recovery for nearly everyone. The addiction treatment programs available at include:

  • Dual Diagnosis (Co-Occurring Disorder)

  • Teen Addiction Treatment

  • Senior Citizen Addiction Treatment

  • Women’s Addiction Treatment

  • Men’s Addiction Treatment

  • Court-Ordered Addiction Treatment


It’s hard to accept that a loved one suffers from SUD, and it can be easy to place blame, or harbor resentment towards them. Keep in mind that a person who suffers from substance use disorder is sick, and they need love, support, and even professional help to get well.


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