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There are five alcohol and drug rehab centers in Enid, Oklahoma. Enid is a city in Garfield county, and had a population of over 51,000 people in 2016, making it one of the ten largest cities in Oklahoma. Larger cities like Enid tend to see higher rates of alcohol abuse, illicit drug abuse, and violence.

Oklahoma Substance Use Disorder Statistics

A substance use disorder (SUD) occurs when an individual’s use of alcohol or drugs results in problems with work, school, home, or health. A person suffering with an SUD may not be able to recognize their problem with drugs, regardless what their friends and family tells them.

Many people abuse drugs to cope with emotional, psychological, or physical issues. Self-medicating with a substance runs a high risk of developing drug dependence, or addiction.

Over the last decade, Oklahoma has had some of the highest rates in the country of substance use disorder, and mental illness. Researchers estimate that anywhere from 700,000 and 950,000 people need treatment for a SUD, but are not receiving it. In 2012, Oklahoma had the second highest rate of substance use disorder, and the third highest rate of any mental illness.

The most common substance use disorders in Oklahoma are:

  • alcohol use disorder

  • cocaine use disorder

  • methamphetamine use disorder

  • prescription drug use disorders, which include:

    • sedatives

    • tranquilizers

    • stimulants

    • steroids

  • opioid use disorders, which include:

    • heroin

    • oxycodone

    • hydrocodone

    • codeine

    • morphine

    • methadone

    • fentanyl

It’s common for drug and alcohol abuse to cause legal trouble for an individual. As an attempt to keep people from going to jail, or prison, many parts of Oklahoma, have implemented the drug court system.

Drug courts work to remove the stigma of addiction, by offering those with addictions a chance to get their lives back. The drug court umbrella has expanded to 73 of the 77 counties in Oklahoma, which includes Garfield County.

If a loved one is believed to be suffering from addiction, it may be time to turn to a trusted addiction professional for guidance, and support.

Associate Therapeutic Services

Associate Therapeutic Services (ATS) is a holistic rehab center (holistic meaning “whole”) that offers outpatient counselling treatment. ATS offers dual-diagnosis treatment for those who are suffering from a co-occurring disorder. A dual diagnosis (co-occurring disorder) is the coexistence a mental disorder, with a substance use disorder.

Mental disorders include anxiety, depression, antisocial personality disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and more. An individual suffering with a co-occurring disorder may attempt to use a substance as a crutch to deal with the symptoms of their mental disorder. Repeatedly using a substance to cope can quickly result in a drug dependency.

Associate Therapeutic Services offers a number of addiction treatment programs, which include:

  • Dual Diagnosis Treatment

  • Women’s Addiction Treatment

  • Men’s Addiction Treatment

  • Court Ordered Addiction Treatment

Vance Air Force Base Substance Abuse Program

The Vance Air Force Base Substance Abuse Program uses outpatient counselling to help individuals overcome substance abuse. Treatment programs offered at the Vance Air Force Base include substance abuse treatment services, and dual diagnosis treatment. Some patients will qualify for payment assistance from military insurance, or other private health insurance companies.

In 2013, Vance Air Force Base received the Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Conference Collaboration Award for their contributions to the fight against drug abuse and misuse.

Van’s House

Van’s House offers a unique sober living community for men and women who want to overcome drug and alcohol addictions. The Van’s House provides outpatient counseling treatment to those who want to overcome the obsession and compulsion to use drugs, but unable to do so by themselves.

Van’s House also offers aftercare support (halfway house, recovery programs, sponsor connection, and sober living) to help people adapt to life after drug rehab. Van’s House may offer an income-based sliding fee to those who need addiction treatment, but are unable to afford services.

Youth And Family Services Of North Central Oklahoma

Youth and Family Services offers outpatient holistic treatment to help individuals overcome substance use disorders, or mental disorders. The mission of Youth and Family Services (YFS) is to value, support, and care for individuals and families to build a stronger community. YFS offers emergency youth shelter, addiction treatment, and care.

People suffering with addiction can come from all walks of life, and YFS cares about the well-being of everyone, no matter where they came from. The addiction treatment programs offered at Youth and Family Services of North Central Oklahoma include:

  • Teen Addiction Treatment

  • Dual Diagnosis Treatment

  • Court Ordered Addiction Treatment

  • Women’s Addiction Treatment

Reflections Halfway House - YWCA Enid

Reflections Halfway House is a holistic treatment center that offers residential long-term inpatient treatment (60, 90, 120 days), aftercare support, and more. Reflections Halfway House is operated by the Young Women’s Christian Association (YWCA), and supporters include women from many different faiths, backgrounds, ages, and cultures.

In an effort to aid single mothers with addiction, Reflections Halfway House may provide residential beds for a client’s children.

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