Top 4 Drug Rehab Centers in Warren, Ohio

Warren, Ohio sits near the border of Pennsylvania. However, some residents may struggle with substance abuse and addiction. The people with the disease of addiction will need quality rehab centers to help them begin to overcome their struggles and take the first steps towards health. Here are four rehab centers in Warren and two nearby that can help.

Drug And Alcohol Rehab Centers in Warren, Ohio

Meridian Healthcare

Meridian Healthcare works to help all people struggling with substance use disorder reclaim their lives as soon as they feel ready. They offer immediate access walk-ins so that people can begin to receive help from the moment they decide to seek care.

The experienced, compassionate professionals here can help people struggling with opioids, alcohol, prescription drugs, and a wide range of other substances. They focus on providing people with a personalized path.

Compass Family and Community Services

Compass Family and Community Services offer help for those struggling with substance use disorders as well as mental illnesses. Outpatient counseling programs, as well as residential treatment programs, exist to provide non-judgemental, compassionate care with experienced professionals. The residential programs focus on helping people stabilize from both mental illnesses and substance use disorders.

Louis Stokes VA Medical Center

As a part of the VA health system, this VA Medical Center focuses on helping those who are veterans. At this clinic in Warren, Ohio people can receive many different mental health treatments, including substance abuse care. Those who go through treatment here will receive outpatient counseling from those experienced in helping veterans and substance abuse disorders.

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Neil Kennedy Recovery Centers

The Neil Kennedy Recovery Center focuses on helping people reclaim their dreams and work towards their goals once again. They focus on providing each person in their care with individualized treatment. People can go through detox here if they need help to rid their body of their drug of choice. They can also go through inpatient or outpatient care. Extended care and support programs also help people after treatment remains on the path towards health.

Drug And Alochol Rehab Centers Near Warren, Ohio

Flying High in Youngstown, Ohio

The Flying High Center focuses on helping people achieve their best possible selves. They offer a variety of programs to help people grow and take charge of their futures. This includes offering prevention and outpatient alcohol and drug treatment.

In addition to the quality, personalized care people receive here. They will also have access to recovery housing to help provide them with additional support. This center also integrates nutrition support throughout the program.

Gaudenzia in Sharon, PA

Gaudenzia focuses on providing cost-friendly treatment to help everyone who needs help to access the care they need. This center offers a variety of treatment services, including detoxification services, residential treatment centers, dual diagnosis settings, halfway houses, community housing, outpatient services, and programs to help the children in at-risk families. People here will receive personalized care that will guide them along the path of recovery.

Substance Abuse in Warren and Trumbull County, Ohio

Substance abuse continues at a high rate throughout the state of Ohio including in Warren and the rest of Trumbull County. The people in the region continue to need high-quality rehab centers to help them take the first steps toward recovery.

Local police in Warren, Ohio report that there has been an increase in crack cocaine and cocaine usage in the city over the past year. Warren County saw a rise in the number of deaths in the second half of 2018, with the biggest killers being fentanyl, cocaine, and heroin.

Traveling for Addiction Treatment

Finding a treatment program that aligns best with and individuals personal needs, including the length of treatment, whether they need inpatient or outpatient care, and the philosophies that align best with their own is the best way to ensure a successful recovery.

Those who are willing to travel for treatment will find that they can expand their list of treatment options, making it easier for them to find the rehab that fits them best. Individuals looking for treatment should also consider working with a treatment specialist. Addiction specialists can help them evaluate their options and find the one that will help them best.

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