Top 4 Drug Rehab Centers in Fayette, Ohio

Fayette is a small village in Fulton County. Despite its small size, the residents of Fayette are still susceptible to substance abuse and addiction because Fayette is smaller, it is likely that individuals will need to travel to receive the addiction treatment they need.

Drug And Alcohol Rehab Centers Fayette, Ohio

There are no rehab centers directly in Fayette. However, there are several addiction treatment centers in the area. Some of these rehab centers are listed below.

Recovery Services of Northwest Ohio

Recovery Services of Northwest Ohio is a non-profit organization that specializes in helping individuals with mental health and substance use disorders. This facility serves children, adolescents, adults, and families who have been impacted by chemical dependency and mental health issues.

Midwest Detox Center

Located in Maumee, Ohio, the Midwest Detox Center provides detox and inpatient services for substance abuse and co-occurring disorders. This facility is a hospital setting, where a healing environment is provided so addicted individuals can set their complete focus on healing and recovery.

The Detox Center was founded on the basis of helping those who may not know where to start to recover from their substance abuse and addictive behaviors. The staff at this facility understand that an individual’s mental health plays a huge role in their ability to heal.

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New Concepts

New Concepts is centered on the idea that the ability to successfully recover from the misuse of drugs and alcohol, depends on an individual’s access to the proper resources and management of their mental health.

The vision of New Concepts is to assist individuals in their recovery process so that they may become accountable and productive citizens of their communities once more.

Henry Ford Allegiance Addiction Recovery

This substance abuse treatment center focuses on helping individuals who struggle with substance abuse disorders of all severities. This facility provides personalized support that encourages the individual’s role in the treatment process and addresses all aspects of life, including physical, emotional, and spiritual.

Substance Abuse In Fayette And Fulton County, Ohio

Many parts of Ohio have struggled with substance abuse and addiction, including small towns like Fayette. Consider the following statistics:

  • More than 5,000 people died on accidental opioid-overdose in Ohio in 2017. Roughly 60 percent of these deaths involved opioids like fentanyl and heroin.
  • Alcohol abuse disorders are the most common type of substance abuse disorder throughout the state. Every year, more than 600,000 individuals (12 and older) suffer from an alcohol use disorder.
  • According to the Ohio State’s Substance Abuse Division, mental health and addiction issues are now more common in the state than heart disease and diabetes.

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