Top 3 Drug Rehab Centers in East Liverpool, Ohio

Located near the Ohio River, the small town of East Liverpool has an estimated population of roughly 11,000 individuals. Unfortunately, some of these individuals will struggle with substance abuse and addiction. On the bright side, there is one rehab center in East Liverpool and several others located nearby.

Drug And Alcohol Rehab Centers In East Liverpool, Ohio

Although there is one rehab center located in East Liverpool, in some cases it may be necessary to travel to another location to enroll in the proper substance abuse treatment. Here are some rehab centers in and around the East Liverpool area.

The Counseling Center of Columbia County

This Community Center offers many different services including substance abuse services. The goal of these substance abuse services is to reduce an individual’s harmful involvement with alcohol and other drugs.

The program aims to maintain abstinence, improve an individual’s ability to function, and their overall physical health, while also decreasing the individuals’ negative involvement with the criminal justice system.

Two Drug And Alcohol Rehab Centers Near East Liverpool, Ohio

Although it is possible to recover adequately from substance abuse with an outpatient program, like the one described above, it may not be the best option for every individual. Some cases of addiction are more severe than others and may require an inpatient program and other methods to recover from.

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The Family Recovery Center

The Family Recovery Center knows that long-term sobriety requires ongoing, multidisciplinary treatment and a secure support network. Providing care and support through powerful and convenient programs that help individuals learn to integrate recovery in their day-to-day lives fully.

New Day Recovery

New Day Recovery operates withdrawal management and residential treatment programs in several locations throughout Ohio. Even someone with severe substance abuse issues can recover with the right treatment and support.

The individualized treatment plans at New Day not only treat the symptoms of addiction but its root causes as well. The counselors at this facility are trained to give individuals the attention they need to make continuous and purposeful steps towards living a substance-free life.

Substance Abuse In East Liverpool And Columbia County, Ohio

Areas throughout Ohio have had increasingly worse issues with substance abuse. While the larger cities tend to report more cases of substance abuse and unintentional overdose, smaller towns like East Liverpool also struggle. Consider:

  • 4,050 Ohio residents died from accidental drug overdose in 2016. Fentanyl and other related opioids like heroin were involved in 58.2 percent of these overdose deaths.
  • An average of 629,000 Ohioans (12 and older) have suffered from an alcohol use disorder in the past year.
  • Addiction disorders and mental health issues are now more common in Ohio than diabetes and heart disease.

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