Top 3 Drug Rehab Centers in Dayton, Ohio

Ohio has consistently been in the top five states with the most drug-related overdoses in the country. Dayton is no exception. Many individuals who reside in the city who struggle with substance abuse, luckily there are three rehab centers in Dayton and two more nearby where they can get addiction treatment.

Top 2 Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers in Dayton, Ohio

Project C.U.R.E.

Project C.U.R.E. is a nonprofit Ohio Mental Health and Addiction Services facility. The program at Project C.U.R.E. provides professional rehabilitative and support services to people with substance abuse issues in Montgomery County.

Evergreen Counseling Associates

Evergreen Counseling offers education and counseling services in the Dayton area for those experiencing the consequences of alcohol or drug abuse. With more than 30 years of addiction treatment experience, individuals can receive drug and alcohol assessments, education classes, individual counseling, and aftercare.

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Nova Behavioral Health

Nova Behavioral Health strives to provide access to care and clinical services that assist individuals in their efforts to overcome their substance abuse. The goal of this program is to support individuals through their recovery journey, identify healthy supports, and learn other coping mechanisms.

Top 2 Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers Near Dayton, Ohio

North Dayton Addiction & Recovery

North Dayton Addiction & Recovery is located in Vandalia, Ohio. This facility provides much-needed opiate and alcohol addiction recovery services. With the use of medication-assisted treatments (M.A.T.), the program and Nothern Dayton work to prevent relapse, reduce drug overdoses, decrease illicit drug abuse, increase the ability to gain and maintain employment, and help individuals regain control of their lives.

Dayton Opiate Recovery Clinics

Dayton Opiate Recovery Clinics has two locations: one in North Dayton – Vandalia Clinic the other in South Dayton – Franklin Clinic. These are outpatient facilities focused on heroin and opiate recovery services. The programs offered at these facilities are affordable, easy to follow, and reliable.

Substance Abuse Issues in Dayton and Montgomery County, Ohio

Similar to the rest of the state, alcohol remains the most abused substance in the Dayton region. Followed by prescription opioids and heroin/fentanyl. Consider the following:

  • Fentanyl, methamphetamine, and illicit Neurontin have increased in availability in the Dayton area over the past year.
  • It is nearly impossible to obtain heroin that is not laced with fentanyl, or carfentanil, causing an increase in accidental overdose and tolerance to opioids.
  • Many people are purchasing fentanyl online from overseas vendors and mailed to the region.

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