Top 4 Drug Rehab Centers in Cincinnati, Ohio

As one of Ohio’s largest municipalities, the individuals residing in Cincinnati are more likely to experience substance abuse issues than individuals in smaller cities due to their proximity to the source of these substances.

Luckily, there are many rehab centers in Cincinnati, and the following four centers are some of the most highly reviewed facilities in the city.

4 Top Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers in Cincinnati, Ohio

Center for Addiction Treatment

With the use of affordable and effective treatments, the licensed professionals at the Center for Addiction Treatment are fully committed to helping individuals by providing them with recovery tools. Through this facility, individuals have access to both residential and intensive outpatient services.

Addiction Services Council

Addiction Services Council provides a wide range of addiction treatment services. This includes crisis intervention, information and referral, assessments and placement, workplace intervention networks, and individual and group counseling.

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Gateways Recovery Center

Gateways is an outpatient recovery center that provides assessment, education, and treatment services for adults struggling with alcohol and drug abuse. With the comprehensive treatment plans at Gateways, individuals are supported through the roughest parts of addiction treatment.


BrightView is a new type of treatment center that is working to change the conversation around addiction treatment. The professionals at BrightView know that addiction is a disease, and work to treat it with medicine and therapy to work, not only on the surface-level symptoms but also the root cause of addictive behaviors.

Substance Abuse Issues in Cincinnati and Hamilton County, Ohio

Some of the most abused substances in Cincinnati and Hamilton County include alcohol, methamphetamines, and illicit opioids like heroin Over the past year the Cincinnati Region has experienced:

  • an increase in fentanyl, marijuana, and meth availability
  • an increased number of people seeking cocaine to combine with fentanyl for “speedballing.”
  • 39 percent of drug-related deaths involved cocaine
  • law enforcement report drug cartels aggressively pushing meth and heroin in the area

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