Top 3 Drug Rehab Centers in Chardon, Ohio

Many individuals who reside in Chardon, Ohio, may struggle with substance abuse. The good news is that there are two rehab center in Chardon and one more nearby where these individuals can receive the assistance they need.

2 Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers In Chardon, Ohio

Prosperity Haven Treatment Center

Prosperity Haven is a drug and alcohol treatment center that understands addiction requires a complete change in an individuals way of living and their perceptions. Through the program at Prosperity Haven, individuals will learn stress management and coping skills, as well as healthy boundaries that will significantly increase chances of long-term recovery.

Lake- Geauga Recovery Centers

Lake-Geauga Recovery Centers is a private non-profit facility that provides continuous service to the community. The Center offers a wide range of treatment services for adults suffering from substance abuse, or other mental health disorders.

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Drug and Alcohol Rehabs Near Chardon, Ohio

Glenbeigh Treatment Center

Glenbeigh is a part of the Clevland Clinic. This facility offers specialized programs to help people overcome the struggle and pain of addiction, including inpatient treatment, extended residential treatment, outpatient treatment, and other specialized treatments.

Substance Abuse Issues in Chardon and Geauga County, Ohio

Although Chardon is a smaller city in Ohio, its proximity to Cleveland can increase the chances of drug abuse cases reported in the area. Consider the following:

  • Fentanyl and methamphetamine have increased in availability in the Chardon and Geauga region.
  • It has become increasingly more challenging to obtain heroin that doesn’t contain fentanyl.
  • Individuals using heroin are now seeking more powerful opioids due to an increased tolerance from fentanyl-laced heroin.
  • While the number of illicit opioids available has decreased in the area, the number of people using prescription Neurontin has increased.

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