Top 5 Drug Rehab Centers Near Bellefontaine, Ohio

If you’re looking for drug and alcohol rehab centers in Bellefontaine, Ohio, you’ll find a limited number of options within the city. However, there are additional choices for those looking for a specific type of program if they’re willing to step outside the Bellefontaine’s borders.

Rehab Centers In Bellefontaine, Ohio

Consolidated Care

Consolidated Care has several outpatient facilities located both in and around Bellefontaine. Their approach is rooted in individual care, which can help someone struggling with addiction find a way out. Past patients appreciated the support they received, including the 24/7 crisis support line the rehab offers for those in need of immediate assistance.

Rehab Centers Near Bellefontaine, Ohio

Mercy Memorial Hospital REACH

This hospital in Urbana offers outpatient, intensive outpatient, and detox services. With a concentration on education and life skills, the staff counsels clients both individually and in groups. This program would be an excellent choice for someone who wants a structured environment with a skilled group of experts.

Shelby County Counseling Center

This outpatient facility in Sidney provides services to people of all ages and their families. The staff has formal programs for those seeking intensive outpatient services as well as 72-hour diversion plans to comply with court-ordered treatment. Patients receive ongoing support at the time of initial treatment and during recovery.

McKinley Hall

Located in Springfield, this facility provides both non-medical inpatient and outpatient services for men and intensive outpatient services for women. The staff offers a broad range of treatment options, providing their clients with opportunities beyond the standard approach. Those who want to customize their care may find the program they need at McKinley Hall.

Reasonable Choices, Inc.

Those experiencing a substance use disorder will find the compassion and care they need for recovery at Reasonable Choices Inc, an outpatient facility serving those 18 and older. This rehab center combines medication support, family counseling, and intensive therapy to holistically treat each client’s needs.

Substance Abuse In Bellefontaine And Logan County

When the 2018 Logan County Community Needs Assessment was issued to residents, drug abuse was named as the number one problem in the community by far. The Bellefontaine Examiner indicated the need for additional drug and alcohol programs after assessing the data.

Ohio has been one of the states at the center of the opioid crisis, with high rates of overdose reported year after year. The state has been heavily impacted by the millions of doses of opioid prescriptions written in the mid-2010s. Also, while the problem is receiving more awareness in all counties, this can’t undo the harm of mass prescribing in the past.

Learn more about the state and county statistics that are driving this epidemic:

  • Logan County reported 22 drug-overdose fatalities in 2016
  • Ohio reported 4,149 total drug-overdose deaths in 2016
  • From 2010 to 2017, overdose fatalities from meth and other stimulants rose by 5,000 percent in Ohio.

Traveling For Addiction Treatment

Taking the next step for addiction treatment may be difficult, but it’s crucial for you to take action. The best facility for you may be in Bellefontaine, but it’s also possible you need to consider options that are further away.

If you’re overwhelmed by your choices, can help. When you have a chance to speak to one of our treatment specialists, you can get the attention you need to make the smart choice.

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