Top 5 Drug Rehab Centers Near Oxford, North Carolina

There aren’t any addiction treatment centers located within Oxford itself, but residents do not need to go far to explore available rehab programs.

Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers Near Oxford, North Carolina

Outpatient programs, inpatient detox services, and other drug and alcohol rehab centers can be found within 25 miles of Oxford in Henderson, Butner, Roxboro, and Durham.

Family Medicine And Rehab Centers, Henderson, North Carolina

This treatment center provides Suboxone therapy services for adults with opioid addiction. Patients can receive office-based Suboxone treatment to help ease their opioid withdrawal symptoms. Counseling for addiction is also available on an outpatient basis to help patients deal with behavioral and psychological issues related to their condition.

RI International, Henderson, North Carolina

RI International offers inpatient detox services for adults experiencing severe substance use disorders. This treatment center provides patients with a safe setting during the detoxification process. Patients also have access to peer support services and other types of care for recovery.

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R.J. Blackley Alcohol And Drug Abuse Treatment Center, Butner, North Carolina

At this rehab center, adults can undergo detoxification that is medically monitored for their safety. Other services include treatment for co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders. Recreational therapy and family support services are offered as well.

Freedom House Recovery Center, Roxboro, North Carolina

At Freedom House Recovery Center, adults struggling with addiction can go through outpatient care. These services include comprehensive clinical assessments, group and individual therapy, and family therapy. Different levels of outpatient care are offered, including intensive programs and standard programs. Peer support services are available as well.

Carolina Behavioral Care, Durham, North Carolina

Carolina Behavioral Care offers outpatient services, including medication-assisted treatment and counseling. Medication-assisted treatment is effective for addressing opioid addiction. Medically managed detox services and individual and group counseling are offered as well.

Substance Abuse In Oxford & Granville County, North Carolina

Substance abuse, including fatal overdoses, has been a problem in Granville County over the past several years. Take a look at some overdose and alcohol-related facts:

  • Granville County had 31 drug overdose deaths from 2015 to 2017.
  • Fourteen alcohol-related driving fatalities occurred from 2013 to 2017.
  • The opioid prescription rate in Granville County in 2016 was 79.7 percent.
  • There were 13 deaths involving drugs in Granville County in 2017.

Leaving Oxford, North Carolina For Treatment

To learn more about how leaving Oxford can be beneficial for the recovery journey, consider speaking with a treatment specialist. Treatment specialists can help find quality programs in different locations. For more information, contact today.

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