Top 4 Drug Rehab Centers in Ahoskie, North Carolina

Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers In Ahoskie, North Carolina

Ahoskie, North Carolina is home to at least two drug and alcohol rehab centers: Integrated Family Services PLLC and PORT Health Facility-Based Crisis.

Integrated Family Services PLLC

Integrated encourages people in need of treatment to walk in any Monday without an appointment. They offer outpatient counseling and day programs, which include classes like:

  • maintaining residence
  • positive and assertive communication
  • social and relational skills

Participants learn skills that help them stay in recovery and lead productive lives. In addition, participants attend group, individual, and family therapies as needed to further heal.

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PORT Health: Facility-Based Crisis

PORT offers an array of residential and outpatient services for those suffering from addiction.

A medication-assisted treatment program is available to address opioid addiction. A doctor administers a prescribed medication that stops cravings and withdrawal. Then the doctor slowly lowers the dose over time until a person is no longer dependent.

During this time, a person typically attends classes and therapy sessions to learn how to manage cravings and life challenges to avoid relapse.

Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers Near Ahoskie, North Carolina

There are no residential or inpatient treatment centers for adults in Ahoskie. However, within a 30-60-minute drive, inpatient services are available in Franklin, Virginia and Rocky Mount, North Carolina.

Southampton Memorial Hospital, Franklin, Virginia

Roughly 30-40 minutes from Ahoskie, Memorial offers inpatient detox and inpatient substance abuse treatment. They use a wide array of evidence-based practices like medication-assisted treatment, cognitive behavioral therapy, and 12-step programming and support.

Nash UNC Healthcare Coastal Plain Hospital, Rocky Mount, North Carolina

The next closest inpatient treatment facility is approximately an hour away. Their compassionate care team builds a personalized treatment plan that includes methods like expressive therapy, group therapy, and spiritual therapy. By using holistic therapies, this rehab center is able to address the whole person.

Substance Abuse In Ahoskie & Hertford County, North Carolina

After a year-over-year upward trend in opioid overdose deaths in the state of North Carolina, it appears that deaths are trending down as of the end of last year.

The state has experienced a 24 percent drop thanks to the efforts of doctors, legislatures, and communities facing addiction head on. What’s more, a survey of over 2,000 North Carolina doctors found that 43 percent said they have completely stopped prescribing opioids.

Leaving Ahoskie, North Carolina For Treatment

For an even greater variety of treatment options, consider leaving Ahoskie for rehab. There are a wealth of rehab programs available outside North Carolina, which can be found with the help of a treatment specialist. To find out more, contact

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