2 Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers in Fresh Meadows, New York

About Fresh Meadows

This neighborhood in Queens, New York was named for the freshwater marshes, or meadows, in the area that were very different from the local salt marshes in neighboring towns. The neighborhood was home, until 2004, to the last remaining commercial farm in the New York City boundaries, the Klein Farm. It boasts a population of around 13,000, and is known to be multiracial and multicultural. It is also an excellent location to seek care for substance abuse issues.

Drug Use In Fresh Meadows

According to a 2013 report on drug use, treatment, and hospitalizations in nearby New York City, overdoses involving heroin had increased 84 percent from 2011 to 2013. Heroin remains the most common drug for which people seek treatment in the city. Prescription painkiller use also increased 30 percent in the same time period, with oxycodone as the most common of these substances. Opioid use in 18-30-year-olds is most commonly obtained on the street, while ages 31 and up represent a population of people who are in chronic pain or who sustain an injury and continue use after the recommended time limit has ended. The most common recreationally used drug in New York is cannabis, or marijuana, and it is estimated that one in three New York residents seeks occasional use.

In the past few decades, treatment options for substance abuse have increased, however. Fresh Meadows offers a notable facility for anyone wishing to break free from the bonds of addiction.

Treatment Services In Fresh Meadows

Fresh Meadows Substance Abuse Rehabilitation Services is a residential inpatient treatment center that has a number of flexible choices to help you begin your journey toward recovery. The facility offers short-term stays of 30 days, as well as longer treatment stays of 60-days, 90-days, and 120-days.

The amount of time that is right for you or your loved one will depend on a number of factors. This includes the recommendation of any caregivers who have diagnosed your substance abuse, the living situation at home, and the financial and/or insurance coverage that you can afford. In general, the earlier you recognize a problem and begin to treat it, the more likely you are to need a shorter stay to recover. The exception to this is if you are a dual-diagnosis patient with an undiagnosed mental illness that must be treated as well.

Fresh Meadows serves a number of different clients and tries to focus care toward individualized strategies for each person. This includes employing gender-based treatment strategies. Men and women tend to have different drug abuse patterns, different triggers, different mental health issues in dual-diagnoses treatments, and different motivations to recover. Because of this, it is common to employ a social and community-based strategy for women and more of an individual strategy for men.

However, the staff will watch to see if the method is effective and appropriate for your individual needs. On a similar note, a faith-based recovery strategy is available for people of faith, if they choose to use it. American Sign Language treatment is also available for the hearing-impaired. The facility employs a holistic strategy that focuses on full-body wellness in the social, physical, and emotional aspects, and offers some alternative therapies to help reinforce this.

Clients are referred to Fresh Meadows for court-ordered purposes or they may choose to enter treatment voluntarily. The center accepts most forms of public and private insurance, as well as a self-pay option on a sliding income-based scale.

Recover In Fresh Meadows

Many people each year do not get the treatment they need. If you are ready to begin your recovery, there are resources at your disposal. Learn more about this and other treatment centers in New York by visiting us at RehabCenter.net.

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