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4 Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers in Freeport, New York

Freeport is a village of about 42,000 people on the south side of Long Island. It is served by the Long Island Railroad, which connects to a major transit hub in Manhattan. It also has a number of local bus routes.

If you are in need of treatment for substance abuse, but also like to keep personal matters private, Freeport may be the right place for you. Freeport is a summer hotspot, and could easily be explained as a vacation getaway. For someone healing from the blows of substance abuse, this could be a welcome relief.

Substance Abuse In New York

For the most part, New York residents are affected by the same substances as other Americans, such as cocaine, meth, and prescription medications. However, heroin is more popular here than in most other places. Marijuana is also a big part of the local drug scene.

In any given year, about a quarter of a million New York residents seek treatment for substance abuse. This represents about 62.5 percent of the 400,000 New Yorkers who are estimated to be suffering from addiction.

Seeking treatment is one of the best things you can do to recover from substance abuse. Drug and alcohol rehab is an arduous process. It is helpful to do all you can to ensure a full recovery.

Lodging In Freeport

Geographically speaking, this town is fairly small. There are a couple of hotels on the waterfront in Freeport proper. However, there are many lodging establishments located conveniently nearby in other areas. Some of them are just minutes away to either side of Freeport, up and down Highway 27, known locally as Sunrise Highway.

When friends and family desire to come see you during your treatment, they will have no problem finding a place to stay, either right here in Freeport or elsewhere on Long Island. For local residents of the New York City area who are familiar with how public transit in the area works, they may be very comfortable showing up without a car.

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