Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers in Elizabethtown, New York

Located in Essex County, Elizabethtown is a small town of about 1,200 people. It's one of the older towns in the United States, established in 1798. The town is the county seat of Essex County, located in the northern part of town.

People in need of a change of scene, especially those who are healing, may flock to Elizabethtown for treatment. Sometimes, a new location makes all the difference for a recovery.

How Can Outpatient Counseling Help Me?

According to statistics, the typical person suffering from substance in the state of New York is a middle-aged male addicted to alcohol or heroin. However, this is not a complete picture of what addiction really looks like. All types of people can develop a substance abuse problem, even if they thought it would never happen to them. There is also a wide variety of substances that can cause addiction, from legal substances like alcohol and prescription painkillers to illegal substances like heroin, meth, and cocaine. Addiction is a very dangerous medical condition, and like any disease, it requires professional treatment.

So, how can outpatient treatment help you? Outpatient treatment for substance abuse most often refers to outpatient counseling, which can be completed individually or in a group. In this type of treatment, you work with a qualified professional to come up with solutions for problems in your life, develop healthier beliefs, cope with life stress, and learn skills that will help you in your recovery.

You should always receive the highest level of care, but for many people, simple outpatient counseling can be enough. You may benefit from outpatient counseling alone if your addiction isn't too severe and if it isn't medically dangerous. Counseling may also supplement and strengthen other forms of care, like medication treatment or residential rehab. If you've already been through all the higher levels of care that you need, and are firmly grounded in your recovery lifestyle, then outpatient counseling can be a great form of continuing care.

St. Joseph's Rehabilitation Center

St. Joseph's Rehabilitation Center is located on Court Street in Elizabethtown. It is a private organization established by the religious order Franciscan Friars of the Atonement in 1971. The Center has operated independently of any religious groups since 2010.

Today, St. Joseph's offers six outpatient clinics in Franklin and Essex Counties. These clinics include locations in Elizabethtown, Keesevillle, Lake Placid, Malone, Saranac Lake, and Ticonderoga. Combined, the clinics serve nearly 1,000 patients every year.

St. Joseph's in Elizabethtown offers a variety of outpatient services, including individual and group counseling, continuing care, help with recovery issues, relapse prevention, assessments, and intensive case management. You can also get referrals to non-addiction related services such as medical services, psychiatric services, employment services, legal services, self-help groups, and financial counseling.

You can pay for treatment at St. Joseph's with private health insurance, military insurance, Medicaid, or self-payment. The Elizabethtown clinic offers convenient Saturday appointments.

Finding Help For Substance Abuse Treatment

Did you know that only 11.2 percent of people who need addiction treatment every year actually receive it? Get the treatment you need to recover, and contact us at for information.

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