Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers in East Hampton, New York

East Hampton is located in the center of the upscale area of Long Island known as the Hamptons. The center of summer resorts, this town is considered one of the most prestigious communities in the United States. As a sought-after vacation spot, it is extremely unique. Surrounded by the picturesque coast of the Atlantic Ocean, East Hampton offers white, sandy beaches with plenty of peace and privacy. The peninsula is also home to about eight state parks which give residents and visitors plenty of opportunities for spiritual reflection and physical healing from soaking in nature's beauty.

A Substance Abuse Epidemic

With all of the benefits this town may provide, it harbors a fact that it cannot change. East Hampton is located in one of the states with the highest rates of illicit drug use. Cocaine, marijuana, and prescription medications are three of the most abused drugs in the state of New York. However, heroin and opioid abuse is ravaging the state, and abuse is rising at alarming rates. This heroin and opioid abuse is sweeping through the United States and the country has found itself entangled in one of the worst drug epidemics in its history.

Luckily, federal and local efforts combine to provide treatment and prevention of substance abuse. East Hampton is no exception, and is home to a high quality drug and rehabilitation center.

Quality Rehabilitation Services

The Safe Harbor Retreat at The Dunes is a luxury rehab center in the affluent Hamptons area. This facility provides residential recovery programs with world-class comfort. The small, secluded estate will make you feel welcome. The facility upholds a standard of great compassion and comfort for each individual who enters treatment. From state-of-the-art therapy programs to gourmet food, you can expect results at The Dunes.

The Dunes specializes in residential, long-term inpatient treatment, which means stays can last anywhere between 60 days to 120 days. The facility also has an intensive outpatient program that will allow you to continue your day-to-day activities while participating in the substance abuse programs. The Dunes will also help you after you finish treatment with several aftercare resources.

Another unique service you can find here is guided interventions. This is the perfect opportunity to help a loved one choose life and get started on the path to recovery with the help of a professional.

The Safe Harbor Retreat at The Dunes accepts self-pay methods, such as cash, credit, or money order. With such a reputation for success, luxury, and excellence, The Dunes is a great place to start your recovery journey.

Reaching East Hampton

Getting to East Hampton is easy by car, train, or bus. Route 27 East is the only accessible route in and out of the Hamptons. A direct train and direct bus route is also available, so visitors have their choice of travel.

Make A Change

You are not alone in the trenches with substance abuse. Millions of Americans suffer from alcohol and substance abuse problems. But, by accepting help, you can change your life forever. The road to recovery starts the minute you decide to make a change. You can get more information on where to begin at

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