Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers in Centereach, New York

You don't have to travel to a large city to get quality substance abuse treatment. In fact, smaller towns have more access to treatment services than ever before. Centereach is a hamlet in Suffolk County, New York, and is home to about 32,000 people. This is a destination to consider if you're looking for outpatient counseling for substance abuse in Suffolk County or Nassau County. It's also close to the Fairfield, New Haven, Middlesex, and New London counties of Connecticut, as well as Washington County in Rhode Island.

The Impact of Substance Abuse

If you live in New York, you might have a greater need for substance abuse treatment than others, according to statistics. The most commonly abused substances in the state are alcohol and heroin, and recovery from either of these often requires rehab. Heroin, in particular, has become an epidemic in recent years on the East Coast.

However, there are a very wide variety of substances, both legal and illegal, that affect people every day. Without professional help, substance abuse disorders tend to spiral out of control. The effects of substance abuse on a person's life can be far-reaching, but that does not have to be your story. Instead, you could seek outpatient counseling in Centereach.

Why Should You Seek Outpatient Counseling?

Outpatient counseling or psychotherapy can help you cope with stress, develop more productive thought patterns, learn new, positive behaviors, and solve problems in your life. This method of treatment is ideal for people with less severe substance abuse issues, or for continuing care as you get the hang of living sober. Some people also opt for outpatient counseling when their work, school, or parental commitments prevent them from going to inpatient or residential treatment. It's important to get as much professional care as needed when you're trying to overcome substance abuse.

YMCA Family Services

YMCA, or the Young Men's Christian Association, is a worldwide organization. It was founded in 1844 in London, and is now based in Geneva, Switzerland. The YMCA of the USA has over 2,700 local chapters and is headquartered in Chicago.

Local YMCA chapters serve their respective communities in a variety of ways, including charitable activities, humanitarian work, classes, and athletic facilities. YMCA is, at its core, a Christian organization, though YMCA chapters vary in whether they emphasize the religious component. Depending on your location, YMCA could offer outpatient counseling near you. This resource is available in Centereach.

YMCA Family Services also offers other community services that you might like to utilize at the same time as treatment. You can also receive court-ordered substance abuse treatment here. You can pay for your counseling with Medicaid or self-payment. There's also an income-based sliding fee scale, so you don't have to worry about whether you can afford treatment.

Overcoming Substance Abuse In Centereach

You can find the strength within you to beat substance abuse for good. Get started in the recovery journey and contact us at today.

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