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Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers in Canaan, New York

Although Canaan is a small town with a population of only 1,700, it’s a great place for an an addicted individual to get a new lease on life. The largest nearby cities are Albany, Kingston, Troy, Catskill, and Poughkeepsie, as well as Torrington, Connecticut and Pittsfield, Massachusetts. Traveling to Canaan for professional help will be especially convenient if you live in these cities or the surrounding areas. With ties to many larger cities, and the small-town atmosphere, Canaan may be a great destination to begin recovery.

Substance Abuse Disorder Is A Serious Disease

The most commonly abused drugs in New York state are alcohol and heroin. Heroin has grown into such an epidemic that New York accounted for 20% of all DEA heroin seizures in 2014. An addiction to any substance harms the mind and body alike. Overcoming substance abuse on your own is incredibly difficult, if not impossible, for most people. Professional help is your path to freedom from substance abuse.

In New York, adolescent males may be at an increased risk for addiction compared to the average person. This is because 75% of rehab admissions in the state are for males. Other factors can increase a teen boy’s risk of substance abuse, such as living in poverty or having parents that also abuse alcohol or drugs. In fact, the child of someone with an alcohol abuse disorder is four times as likely to develop the same disorder in the future. It’s very important that adolescent boys receive prevention services as well as treatment for substance abuse. If you or your son have a substance abuse disorder that doesn’t require medical attention, Berkshire Farm Center & Services For Youth may have just what you need.

The Next Step

It’s estimated that 23,000,000 Americans are addicted to alcohol or another drug. However, just over a tenth of these people receive the help they need every year. This a very disappointing statistic, but you don’t have to be a part of it. Instead, make the choice to get the professional help you need. To get more information and to be connected to resources, contact us at today.

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