5 Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers in Brentwood, New York

Substance Abuse Treatment in Brentwood

About Brentwood

Brentwood is considered a hamlet, part of the town of Islip in Suffolk County, New York. It is easilyaccessed via the Long Island Rail Road as well as by road and bus service.

The Substance Abuse Problem in Brentwood

Throughout the New York area, as with the rest of the nation, drug abuse – especially opioids like heroin and prescription pain pills – is on the rise. A spike in overdose deaths has officials so concerned they now allow emergency responders to carry medicines like Narcan to try and revive overdose victims. Gang problems are frequently tied to drugs. For instance, the notorious MS-13 gang with roots in Los Angeles and El Salvador has terrorized Long Island towns for several years.

Drugs are also more readily available through the Internet, making interdiction harder for authorities. New York State leaders recently added millions to the State budget to increase funding for drug abuse treatment, especially care for low-income people seeking care.

Treatment Options in Brentwood

The Charles K. Post Addiction Treatment Center

Brentwood offers several quality treatment programs. The Charles K. Post Addiction Treatment Center offers multiple levels of care, including a community residential treatment program, halfway houses for men and women and an inpatient rehab program. They also provide outpatient programs such as methadone maintenance, prevention programs for adolescents, and outpatient individual and family group sessions.

The residential halfway house programs for both men and women are funded by the state. They are designed for people who have completed a primary inpatient rehabilitation program. In total, the halfway house program has 79 beds in the rehabilitation program and 21 beds in the community residential program. The residential inpatient program lasts at least 90 days before clients move to the community program.

It is accredited by CARF and staffed by a team of physicians, a psychiatrist, RNs, certified substance abuse counselors, social workers and other professionals. The CK Post Addiction Centers also care for people who have co-existing psychiatric disorders complicating their substance abuse problems. Parts of the program are targeted just towards the women, including gender-specific issues which may block some women from benefitting from treatment.

The Center has a close relationship with the Suffolk County Court system, and they provide drug court and family drug court programming in conjunction with probation and parole programs.

Outreach House II

Outreach House II is a comprehensive residential substance abuse facility serving adolescents in the Brentwood area. Teens ages 12 to 17 with both alcohol and drug problem live at the facility, attend on-site full-day school programs and receive individual, group and family substance abuse counseling. Vocational skills training, anger management counseling, and parenting skills training are also available to youth in need.

The inpatient phase of treatment can last from 60 to 120 days and has beds for 50 youth. The program is based on a modified therapeutic community model, and it works in close collaboration with the justice system.

Phoenix House of Long Island

Phoenix House of Long Island offers an outpatient substance abuse counseling program in Brentwood. It serves men, women, and adolescents and provides treatment ranging from prevention through early intervention, intensive treatment, continuing care and relapse prevention. Dual diagnosis care and specialized care for mothers with children are also offered.

Phoenix House has specialty programs for veterans, military members and their families, DUI programs, and a detox center. The programs are CARF-accredited. Services to adults and teens are provided on a step-down basis, from intensive to less intensive, as the client progresses through their recovery.

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