Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers in Bohemia, New York

About Bohemia

Bohemia, New York is located along the South Shore of Long Island in the town of Islip, about 30 miles from New York City. It is home to many people who have moved from Brooklyn, Queens, and western Long Island. Bohemia is close to several stations along the Long Island Rail Road, giving it easy access to Manhattan. It is served by the Long Island MacArthur Airport, which serves people who want to avoid the travel congestion of larger airports like LaGuardia and JFK. Bohemia is also only a short drive to the ferry service for the Fire Island National Seashore.

The Substance Abuse Problem in Bohemia

Heroin and opiate pain medications are heavily abused in New York. Narcotic painkillers such as oxycodone are frequently the drug of choice. Too often, other drugs such as the powerful narcotic Fentanyl are added to the medications sold on the street, leading to unintentional overdoses around New York. Like many other sites along the South Shore, Bohemia is an area where the need for alcohol and drug treatment is great. There is always a need for more funding for treatment and more treatment space.

Treatment Options in Bohemia

Many options for substance abuse treatment exist near Bohemia. However, in the town of Bohemia itself, the Institute for Rational Counseling, Inc. is the standout facility. Most drug and alcohol treatment centers are founded on the 12-step model of Alcoholics Anonymous, wherein a person must admit he is powerless over alcohol or drugs and that a higher power can help him attain sobriety. The Institute for Rational Counseling questions many of the decades-old assumptions about addictions and recovery. It stresses willpower, counseling, instruction about independent recovery from addiction through abstinence, and avoids what it deems religious implications of traditional 12-step programs.

The Institute for Rational Counseling Inc. was one of the first recovery treatment centers to utilize the Addictive Voice Recognition Technique (AVRT) founded on the U.S. East Coast. It faced some opposition from more traditional treatment programs and 12-step group members. However, research from all sides shows that there is no single approach that works for all people with substance abuse problems. The AVRT method is simply another tool to use in fighting the problem of substance abuse. The director of the Institute for Rational Counseling, Inc. is Joseph A. Stassi. He warns against narrowing treatment options to only traditional methods, especially in persons for whom traditional methods have repeatedly failed.

AVRT teaches a person to understand that substance abuse causes the brain to undergo changes. These changes produce urges and cravings, or a "voice," which when not satisfied through ongoing use of drugs or alcohol, causes the person to experience certain negative symptoms. Some may include withdrawal, anxiety, depression, and other physical effects which convince the person to resume abuse. Recovery through use of AVRT teaches the person mental tools to commit to recovery and to silence the addictive "voice," to exercise active control to avoid choosing substance use, and to see the benefits of separating himself from addiction.The person learns he does not have to do what the addictive "voice" tells him to do, but can instead choose to abstain from use by separating from the "voice." In essence, a person learns to recognize that the "voice" wants to abuse substances, but he does not. According to this method, the person attains control over addiction while retaining independence rather than submitting to any higher power or surrendering control.

The Institute for Rational Counseling, Inc. offers outpatient therapy to adults and teens. AVRT is based on the success of rational-emotive therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy and other modes of therapy, which have been in use in substance abuse programs throughout the United States, Canada, Australia, and the UK for decades.

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