Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers in Altamont, New York

On average, Americans have 657,450 hours on Earth to spend doing the things that make them happy. For some, however, abuse of drugs or alcohol robs them of this precious time. Not only can it take a toll on finances, but it also impacts them physically and emotionally, which ultimately affects quality of life.

While many have the desire to quit substance abuse, their surroundings can make this difficult to achieve. If you're struggling and ready for a new approach, Altamont can be a great place to make a fresh start. A change in your environment is a terrific first step in achieving long-term success.

The Trouble Behind Addiction

Unlike simple bad habits that typically take around 21 days to overcome, abuse of drugs and alcohol is different. This is because it's actually a brain disorder. Changes in the brain composition cause those affected by substance abuse to compulsively seek substances. It can be difficult to avoid the search for alcohol or drugs to calm the feeling. In the state of New York, substance abuse disorder is on the rise, and there are various drugs being abused, including: marijuana, cocaine, prescription drugs, meth, PCP, and heroin.

While the current statistics are certainly troublesome, the good news is that there is an option for those who seek to get the best of substance abuse. Professional drug and alcohol rehab facilities have a high success rate in helping people get back on the right track, and the staff running them understands the true nature of the beast. If you're ready to take control of your life, there is a facility in Altamont with a high level of success that could be the answer to your biggest struggle.

820 River Street Inc. Altamont House Inpatient Rehab Service

At Altamont House Inpatient Rehab Service, the staff is dedicated to getting to know each and every client on a personal basis. They understand the struggle you face and the fact that each patient has their own personal issues they must overcome. That's why they pride themselves in their vast array of treatment options. This gives patients the ability to find the best method to meet their unique needs. Whether you need residential short-term inpatient treatment of 30 days or less, or would rather try a different approach with holistic treatment, they can meet your needs. A few of the activities the latter option includes are: meditation activities to help you regain control of your mind, fun outdoor activities like hiking, and quality diet to help you body recover from years of drug or alcohol abuse.

Working With Your Finances

Altamont House Inpatient Rehab Service understands the toll that addiction can have on your finances. However, once you are able to successfully overcome your substance abuse disorder, new opportunities will open up that will allow you the financial security you deserve. In order to get to that point, they offer many options from which you may choose to pay for services, including: state-funded insurance, medicaid, private health insurance, and income-based sliding fee scale for those who qualify.

Don't face your substance abuse another day when help is just a phone call away. Contact us at today to see how you can regain control of the only life you have to live.

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