2 Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers in Airmont, New York

Every day is full of unexpected surprises, and this is what makes it exciting. However, for anyone struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, these surprises can take the form of negative circumstances that significantly decrease quality of life. From financial and legal problems to a decline in health and more, there comes a moment in the lives of many when they look for alternative ways to cope.

If this sounds like you, Airmont is a great place to get started on the second chance you deserve. One of the first steps to beating addiction once and for all is to change your environment, and Airmont offers a great atmosphere to do just that. A lively city offering culture and year-round events, Airmont provides a healing environment.

A Problem More Common Than You May Think

Struggling with addiction can be lonely, and many find themselves in isolation from people and activities they used to enjoy. It can be easy to begin to limit interactions to those with others affected by substance abuse. However alone you may feel, it's important to understand that you certainly are not. In fact, according to the National Institute of Drug Abuse, misuse of prescription drugs in New York is on the rise, and there are many in the state who struggle with the abuse of a variety of other drugs as well. Just some of these include: cocaine, marijuana, heroin, opioids, benzodiazepines, meth, PCP, and alcohol.

It's important to understand that it's okay to talk about your substance abuse, and this is what must happen in order to get back on the right track. A great way to achieve this is to consider a drug and alcohol rehab facility. These facilities are equipped with the tools and knowledge to help you effectively overcome your addiction, and there are two right in Airmont with credentials you can count on.

Lexington Center for Recovery CD OP/Airmont Clinic

The Lexington Center for Recovery CD OP/Airmont Clinic is located at 100 Route 59, and the professional staff is capable of offering a variety of treatment options to meet your specific needs. From programs designed specifically for teens to Christian-based approaches and more, they are dedicated to helping you find a program that is best in line with your values and circumstances. Some of the features you may be able to take advantage of include: they offer buprenorphine and suboxone treatment services, both inpatient and outpatient services, and DUI/DWI offenders can get the court-ordered treatment they need.

Lexington Center for Recovery Outpatient Rehabilitation

Also located at 100 Route 59, those choosing Lexington Center for Recovery Outpatient Rehabilitation can also take advantage of specialized benefits geared to assist them to personally attack their substance abuse at its core. The program includes solutions specifically for men and women considering individual needs of each and alternative holistic treatment options for a fresh approach.

Payment Made Easy

You should never have to postpone the treatment you need due to lack of finances. That's why both facilities provide a number of payment options. These include: private insurance, state-financed insurance, loans and financing, and fee-based sliding scale for those who qualify.

You have one life to live, and now's the time to start enjoying yours to its fullest. Contact us at Rehabcenter.net today to find out how these facilities can help you achieve your goals.

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