Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers in Colts Neck, New Jersey

Colts Neck is a small township in Monmouth County, home to around 10,000 people. The small township was originally founded in 1847 as Atlantic township, but was changed to Colts Neck in late 1962. As a township in central New Jersey, the community is considered part of the large New York metropolitan area.

Many residents of Colts Neck worked in the financial district in New York City, which was made evident after the terrorist attacks of September 11th, 2001. Five members of Colts Neck were lost that day, and a memorial garden was dedicated to their memory, featuring a sculpture by Jim Gary, a resident of the area.

There is one drug and alcohol treatment center in Colts Neck: Elaine Hopkins LCSW Psychotherapy Services.

Drug And Alcohol Treatment In Colts Neck

Elaine Hopkins is a clinical social worker/therapist offering treatment for people suffering from substance abuse and addiction. By using psychotherapy to address the issues of mental health addiction, Elaine Hopkins teaches people to reach their full potential and achieve a secure life to manage stressful situations that often lead to substance abuse.

Serving families and patients for over 15 years, Elaine Hopkins provides dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT) for individuals, families, and groups. Her DBT skills group focuses on preventing relapse, increasing social skills, improving emotional processes, and setting goals to live a balanced life free of drugs and alcohol.   

Substance Abuse In Colts Neck

Recent legislation in New Jersey may require schools in Colts Neck to maintain a supply of Narcan, an opioid reversal medication. The bill would mandate schools have Narcan available to be administer by a school nurse, or other trained staff to yet be determine, if a student is experiencing an opioid overdose.

Legislators say Narcan, which can reverse the effects of a deadly opioid overdose, should be available for students to help save lives and prevent more opioid related fatalities. Having Narcan at schools, lawmakers say, can help ensure students and staff are aptly prepared should an emergency overdose situation take place. While having access to Narcan in schools is only one element of the complicated opioid problem, lawmakers and administrators in Colts Neck believe the bill is a step in the right direction.

Transportation To Colts Neck

Two major state roads run through Colts Neck: Routes 18 and 34. Through neighboring townships, the Garden State Parkway and Interstate 195 can be reached from Colts Neck via car. NJ Transit also provides bus service to and from Colts Neck to nearby townships. The nearest airport is the Newark International Airport (EWR), which is a 45 minute drive via the Garden State Parkway.  

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