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Belleville, New Jersey

Belleville is a township with a population of around 35,000 people. Located in Essex County, Belleville was used as a filming location for the popular HBO series, The Sopranos.

The township features Clara Maass Medical Center, a teaching hospital founded in 1868. Bellville is also home to the Reformed Dutch Church of Second River, originally constructed in 1697.

There are two drug and alcohol treatment centers in Belleville, Marriage and Family Counseling Center and North West Essex Community Healthcare Network

Drug And Alcohol Treatment Centers In Belleville

Marriage Family Counseling Center specializes in both substance abuse and mental health services. By focusing on the needs of people suffering from dual diagnosis (substance use disorder and mental illness), the center understands the importance of treating both conditions simultaneously.

Services may be covered by private insurance, and an individualized drug rehab program, dual diagnosis treatment, and outpatient substance abuse treatment.

North West Essex Community Healthcare Network provides accessible healthcare and other behavioral services to residents of Essex county. Services include outpatient treatment for substance abuse, treatment for dual diagnosis (co-occurring disorders), and partial care.

By focusing on an individualized approach for recovery, North West Essex Community Healthcare Network aims to meet each person's needs, giving them the support they need to reach their maximum potential.

Substance Abuse In Belleville

In the summer of 2017, a doctor in Belleville was charged with selling prescriptions to drug dealers. The doctor used his status and resources to provide dealers with prescriptions for oxycodone and Xanax, which the dealers could then sell on the street.

Access to opioids and other prescription medications is problematic for the community of Belleville, because city already struggles with opioid related fatalities.

In early 2017, 2 people died of heroin overdose. 10 people died of drug overdose in Belleville in 2016, with a total of 36 overdoses for the year.

Many of these fatal overdoses result from heroin mixed with fentanyl, a potent opioid with deadly effects. To better serve the community, local law enforcement hopes to actually treat people suffering from addiction and not just throw them in jail.

Transportation to Belleville

Belleville can be accessed by three highways, NJ Route 7, NJ Route 21, and County Rd 506. The town is also connected to the borough of North Arlington via the Belleville Turnpike Bridge (Rutgers Street Bridge).

The silver lake station in Belleville connects to Newark Penn Station, a major transit hub in the northeast. Belleville can reached via train from Boston, Philadelphia, New York City, Baltimore, and Washington D.C.

Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR) is 8 miles away.

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