Top 5 Drug Rehab Centers Near Swanzey, New Hampshire

A popular camping spot and center for a variety of outdoor recreational activities, Swanzey, New Hampshire can feel simultaneously like home and a vacation getaway. For residents struggling with substance abuse, there are also options for treatment in town.

Rehab Centers In Swanzey, New Hampshire

Although Swanzey is a popular vacation destination, it’s a relatively small town of permanent residents. However, the following excellent programs are easily accessible for anyone suffering from addiction.

Keene Metro Treatment Center

Technically located in Swanzey, Keene Metro Treatment Center employs a team of opioid addiction specialists to provide outpatient services at an affordable price. The program also accepts Medicaid. Services provided include medication-assisted treatment (MAT), counseling (group, individual, and family), medically supervised withdrawal, outpatient services, and referrals to more intensive programs if necessary.

Community Improvement Associates (CIA)

CIA offers several specialized services, such as domestic violence treatment, adolescent outpatient services, community correction programs, sexual offender treatment, and a variety of behavioral health services. The center is approved as an Access to Recovery provider, meaning that eligible clients can have their treatment paid for by a grant provided by the state of New Hampshire.

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Rehab Centers Near Swanzey, New Hampshire

Only slightly farther away, these top-rated substance abuse rehabilitation centers provide nearby alternatives for residents of Swanzey.

Monadnock Family Services, Keene, New Hampshire

A non-profit community health center, Monadnock Family Services serves 35 towns and 110,000 residents in southwestern New Hampshire. Programs feature mental health services, youth development, substance abuse treatment/prevention, veterans services, and group counseling.

Brian Houghton, LADC Outpatient Counseling Services, Keene, New Hampshire

This center provides substance abuse evaluations, interventions, assessments, outpatient counseling, and referrals to inpatient programs. The center accepts Medicaid, and even offers treatment services for individuals overcoming addiction to nicotine and a variety of additional substances.

Phoenix House, Dublin, New Hampshire

A leading non-profit treatment provider, Phoenix House offers evidence-based care to teens, adults, and families, in addition to unique programs for the military community and mothers with young children. Phoenix House accepts most major insurance carriers, managed care programs, and Medicaid. Residential programs, outpatient programs, sober living housing, and everything in between is offered at this center.

Substance Abuse In Swanzey & Cheshire County

According to a recent student by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, New Hampshire ranks second in the nation for the number of opioid-related deaths relative to its population. However, the state ranks number one for fentanyl-related deaths per capita. These alarming statistics are similar to data from Cheshire County alone:

  • According to the Sentinel Source, of the 404 people in New Hampshire who died after taking opioids in 2016, 14 people took the drugs in Cheshire County.
  • Twelve of these 14 deaths involved fentanyl, a synthetic opioid that can be up to 100 times stronger than heroin.

Traveling For The Best Program

Being in one of the smaller New Hampshire counties, Swanzey residents may want to consider exploring programs in nearby counties or even out-of-state. Sometimes it helps to remove oneself from a toxic environment to ensure effective treatment, which is why a professional might recommend committing to a program farther away.

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